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15 Trans Folks of Color You Should Follow on Twitter

15 Trans Folks of Color You Should Follow on Twitter

15 Trans Folks of Color You Should Follow on Twitter

Wading into the often problematic abyss of Twitter can cause you to think many things, especially if you're a trans person of color. Like the world has a lot of growing up and learning to do when it comes to the gender spectrum. Or that the only trans folks mainstream society tend to know about are celebrities. Sometimes, you even feel like you're just one unique blip on the social media radar. 

All of those are true, but you're not alone. There are plenty of trans folks of color spilling T, discussing their experiences, and in general, just taking up space (and rightly so). Here are some dope people that you should follow immediately (only if you want to get your *intersectional* life on a daily basis)!

  1. @twittahoney on sexual double standards.
  2. @amerikkkanboi on being an ally to trans folks.
  3. @ethehustla on being attracted to trans folks.
  4. @harmonybabydoll on the extended wage gap.
  5. @Barbeydahl, who is just always being flawlessly inspirational.
  6. @queerdykekylie on ableism in activist communities.
  7. @FranciscoLWhite on anti-Blackness in the LGBTQ community.
  8. @venusselenite on the trans violence as an international issue.
  9. @ayypollo on toxic masculinity.
  10. @ThatSabineGirl on transmisogyny in mainstream feminism.
  11. @jskylerinc on being attracted to trans folks.
  12. @evanjaquez on nonbinary erasure.
  13. @GabbyBellot on the politics of passing.
  14. @They_berian on the legality (or lack there of) of trans discrimination.
  15. @Gabrielsquailia on life as a trans writer.

Are there any awesome people who you follow on Twitter? Let us know!

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