Queen of Messiness Joanne the Scammer Is Getting Her Own Netflix Show!

Shade Queen Joanne the Scammer Is Getting a Netflix Show!
Brendan Haley

Entertainment powerhouse Netflix will be serving its wide-spread audience some truly messy, dramatic goodness soon with the increasing likeliness of Joanne the Scammer getting her own show.

Joanne's alter ego, Branden Miller, continued to discuss the project's potential life on the Never Before podcast with Janet Mock, where Miller initially sat down to comment on the current climate of transphobia and racial identitiy in America.

Details are sparce and under lock-and-key, but in the meantime, we can only gag over all the hilarious possibilities a show starring Joanne would bring.

If the show is anything like the iconic Khadi & Joanne short film she did with Khadi Don and Super Deluxe, viewers are in for a hilarious treat. Honestly? Truly. 

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