Alan Ball's New HBO Show Will Feature Gay Characters and We're HYPED

Taylor Henderson

Alan Ball, creator of True Blood and Six Feet Under, is back with a brand new HBO series, Here and Now.

The familial drama stars Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter as the heads of a multi-racial family with three adopted kids, one from Somalia, one from Vietnam, one from Colombia, and one biological. But with all Alan Ball projects, there's a surreal (and possibly supernatural) twist. Every member of the family is challenged when one of the adult children begins seeing things the rest can't.

The brief trailer gives us glimpses of the upcoming season, including a shot of Ramon Black (Daniel Zovatto) in a heated moment with a bearded man. Many of Ball's previous projects have featured incredibly detailed and realistic LGBT characters, so we're excited to see what's to come in his new series!

Watch the Here and Now trailer below: 

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