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Wynonna Earp Fans Are Using an NYC Billboard to Fight for Season 4

'Wynonna Earp' Fans Are Using an NYC Billboard to Fight for Season 4

'Wynonna Earp' Fans Are Using an NYC Billboard to Fight for Season 4

Earpers are serious about fighting for the future of their fave show—and they want the world to know it!


The Wynonna Earp fandom is a passionate and dedicated bunch!

The fourth season of the popular (and queer AF) SyFy show may be facing some unfortunate production delays, but that's not stopping loyal Earpers from fighting for the future of their fave series. In fact, Wynonna Earp stans are so dedicated, they even rented digital billboard space all over New York City's Times Square to spread the message!

"The primary goal is to show that the Earpers will do anything and everything to support the show as well as the companies behind it like IDW and all other current or future financial backers," Wynonna Earp fan and podcaster Kevin Bachelder said in a statement about the #FightForWynonna billboards, as reported by Den of Geek.

Bachelder continued: 

"In today's TV landscape there are more than 500 scripted TV shows available, including lots of so-called 'good' shows, but what folks really want nowadays is a show that touches them and their lives. Wynonna Earp has done that by giving us characters that we truly care about. This has also inspired groups of fans to setup fan run Wynonna Earp conventions that are taking place in cities like New Orleans, Toronto, London, and St. Louis later in 2019.  Earpers want to meet and spend time with other folks like themselves who value kindness, inclusivity and a positive take on life. The Wynonna Earp experience has been a life changing experience for so many of us."

While the show has been renewed by SyFy for a fourth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the reasons for the production delay are financial hurdles facing IDW Entertainment, the company that produces Wynonna Earp

Hopefully seeing the fans fight hard for the series will cause SyFy and IDW to take action. After all, the more WayHaught in our lives, the better!

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