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YouTube sensation and internet influencer, Tyler Oakley is the too-adorable-for-words YouTuber who shot to fame as one of the leading youth voices in the LGBT community. He is known for his humorous videos, as well as being very vocal about many queer topics and hot-button issues. And his adorable look has become an Internet brand: with big glasses, a small frame, and ever-changing hair color, Oakley is the queer-positive best friend you need in your life. And with over seven million YouTube subscribers and nearly five million Twitter fans, Oakley is quickly become an indomitable voice for millennials. 

The Internet Is Just Realizing Tyler Oakley Is Ripped Now

"Strangers on the internet really just log on & say anything!!"

A Ranking of Tyler Oakley's 10 Best YouTube Videos

The little boy from Michigan has come a long way over the years!

Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart Brave a Haunted House So You Don't Have To

"This is going to be the end of our lives!"

Tim Kaine Talks Policy and Millennial Slang with Tyler Oakley

Hillary Clinton's running mate made an appearance on the out YouTuber's web talk show.

This Video of 49 Celebrities Reading the Names of the 49 Orlando Victims May Devastate You

Out producer Ryan Murphy produced the video that includes many LGBTQ celebrities, and also, allies reading the names of the victims and telling their stories. 

Tyler Oakley Perfectly Sums Up What We're All Thinking After Orlando

"Parents shouldn't have to call their kids to make sure they're alive."

15 Times Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl Were BFF Goals AF

Just bros, being jocks and being BFFs.