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Top 10 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes of 2013

Top 10 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes of 2013

Top 10 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes of 2013

What better way to celebrate Sunday's Academy Awards then with everyone's favorite neglected category?


The Oscars are a time of sophistication and appreciation of art, so naturally, we've compiled a list of the Top Ten Oscar Worthy Sex Scenes and Steamy Hook-ups of 2013! Sure, none of these films are actually nominated for Oscars (and many for good reason), but they are nominated in our hearts. Feel free to suggest your own favorites below!

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1. Blue is the Warmest Color: The only film that came close to actually being nominated for an Oscar features a sex scene so long, jaw-droppingly graphic, and realistic the girls had to insist they were wearing vaginal prosthetics. Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos  are so committed to their intimate exploration of each other's bodies that it almost feels like we accidentally walked into their real-life bedroom...but we wouldn't exactly run out in a hurry. Sure, there was a lot of real-life drama surrounding the actual goings on on set, but this scene made history and, in our books, wins the top prize.

2. Concussion: There's nothing like a concussion to make you realize your entire life's a drag and you need to become a prostitute for women. Or at least so feels Abby (Robin Weigert), who becomes a prostitute named Eleanor to escape the boring routine of her wife and kids. While Abby tries to keep things anonymous, it's another housewife from her town, the gorgeous Sam (Maggie Siff) who forces her to ditch the alias and her inhibitions. Consider the cake taken.

3. Girltrash: All Night Long: It is an offensive oversight that the Academy missed this full-length Girtrash musical extravaganza (yes, it is literally a musical) featuring the usual gang, including eternally the world's best couple, Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave of South of Nowhere/Spashley fame. Let me reiterate - this is  musical about lesbian sex. If you don't have time for this, you have time for nothing.

4. Kill For Me: If you were one of the 12 people who saw Kill For Me, featuring TV starlets Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos, you, much like Katie's character Amanda, may not have been expecting queer characters at all, let alone a super steamy bathroom make out session turned full-on sex scene turned soul-crushing semi-relationship. In a world of straight-to-DVD movies, Kill For Me is actually pretty decent, and if it's not your cup of tea right off the bat, trust me when I say you'll regret turning it off prematurely.

5. American Hustle: Okay, so it wasn't a sex scene, but the surprise momentary make out (or more accurately Jennifer Lawrence just kind of grabbing Amy Adam's face) was a the perfect match-up of collectively bazillion-time Oscar nominees making our dreams come true. Both of these girls may very well take the prize on Sunday night, and it would be very hard to be disappointed.

6. Breaking the Girls: The makers of Breaking the Girls and Kill For Me probably should have consulted before making almost the same film, but we're not exactly complaining. Still, who knew girls having sex then promptly making ominous pacts to kill each other's enemies was such a common theme in the queer community?! But storyline madness aside, Breaking the Girls offers up basically the perfect pool party between Sara and Alex (Agnes Bruckner and Madeline Zima) before everything goes to hell. What we can really take away here is say yes to a sexy swim and no to murder. 

7. Contracted: There's nothing really enviable about Sam's (the Roony Mara-ish Najara Townsend) life in Contracted, the story of a girl who develops a horrifying, zombie-esque STD after a getting roofied at a party. And there's nothing really sexy about it either, as a make-out scene between Sam and a friend is interrupted by her vomiting blood on the girl's face. But what's a top ten list without a little variety? Pro-tip: If your crush's face looks like it's melting off, it's probably best to skip the canoodling for the day.

8. Side Effects: The pretty intense hook up between Rooney Mara and Catherine Zeta-Jones' characters almost seemed like a gift for making it through the jumbled challenge that is Side Effects, but if you ignore everything that came before and after it's a nice little moment between the ladies. Pro-tip: if you're having sex with someone to try and get information out of them, maybe don't ask them to undress you if you're wearing a wire. Just an idea.

9. Nymphomaniac: Unless you live in Denmark, Norway, or France, you probably haven't seen Lars von Triers' controversialnew film(s) Nymphomaniac yet, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg in the, shall we say titular, role. And from what we can tell, the sex-addicted Joe doesn't discriminate. With a cast this star-studded and trailers this insane, even the most disturbed viewer can't help but be a little curious just what's inside those several hours of endless sexual madness.

10. Nurse 3D: As far as Oscar Season goes, Nurse 3D is on an entirely different continent. Paz de la Huerta gives her, well, something as a nurse who seems to think she's in a noir film and serial kills cheating men, then sets her sights on seducing and ruining the life of a younger nurse Danni (Katrina Bowden, who is much better in 30 Rock). I can't think of one reason it made sense to someone to make this film, but if you're into uber-violent, endlessly creepy slasher films where half the events happen literally only to satiate its desire to put "3D" in the title, Nurse 3D might be just what you're looking for!

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