Rapper CupcakKe Offered Help to a Gay Fan After He Was Kicked Out of His Home

Ian Martella

Photo: Instagram (@cupcakkeafreakk)

Earlier this week, 17-year-old Christian from San Antonio, Texas faced a cold night in the streets after his mother outed him by prowling through his unlocked phone, according to BuzzFeed.

After unsuccessfully trying to find shelter with men on Grindr, Christian reached out to one of his faves: the rapper behind the hits "LGBT" and "Spider-Man Dick," CupcakKe.

CupcakKe swiftly responded in the fashion of a true ally with an offer of shelter.

Christian couldn't accept because he's underage, but CupcakKe wasn't ready to see him sleep on the streets. She followed up with a suggestion that he should have someone 21 or older sign him into the hotel. Later that night, three of Christian's friends were able to be there for him, and he was seemingly safe for the night. CupcakKe followed up yet again, sending Christian private messages to make sure he was alright.

Early the next day, Christian tweeted that he would try to go back home. From the looks of his Twitter, he went on a date last night.

We're incredibly touched to see how supportive and caring CupcakKe was to a young member of the LGBTQ community, and we hope Christian had a wonderful time on his date!

If you or someone you know under the age of 18 is experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness, click here for a list of resources available to you. Many non-LGBTQ homeless youth shelters are equipped to accomodate LGBTQ homeless youth, as well.



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