'Lesbian for Demi' -Lovato That Is - Twitter Trend Has Straight Girls Turning for the Disney Star

'Lesbian for Demi' -Lovato That Is - Twitter Trend Has Straight Girls Turning for the Disney Star

Of all the unlikely celebrities to land in a post on a lesbian site Disney darling Demi Lovato inspired legions of female fans to declare their undying commitment to go lez for her via Twitter over the weekend, causing a “Lesbian for Demi” skyrocketing Twitter trend.

Now, any gay girl worth her salt would be convinced that “Lesbian for Demi” would be Demi Moore what with tabloid rumors that her marriage is on the rocks, her husky voice and the fact that she shaved her head and butched out for G.I. Jane, but it was indeed the Lovato variety of Demi who caused a stir among straight girls everywhere claiming they’d go gay for her. Oh, and for the record, lesbians just love when straight girls claim the could go gay in a heartbeat. It’s so validating.

Still, actress Tracie Thoms’ (Joanne in the film version of Rent, Cold Case) Twitter admission during the Emmy Awards that she could possibly turn for Kate Winslet is far more interesting on that front, but good for Demi Lovato and her followers.

Lovato Tweeted "Hahahahahahhaaha I LOVE YOU ALL TOO," in response but she failed to say whether or not she’d dyke out return.


Here are a few of "Lesbian for Demi" Tweets.


Bo and Lauren got a happy ending on Lost Girl, but Tamsin did not, and we're still hurt about it. However, rarely is a show as great at LGBT representation as Lost Girl was, so at least this one feels less trope-y and more plot-y. We need to find silver linings somewhere. 


This is part 2. One day, a TV show is going to come out about a lesbian firefighter named Tara, and we all need to promise to ourselves right now that we are just NOT going to get involved. 


Speaking of brutal character deaths, Rachel was killed by Ghostface right after she was being horribly tormented for kissing another girl. So, can we have no nice things, TV? Can we have absolutely not a single nice thing?! 



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