Watch: Arro's New Marriage Equality Song 'Marry Me'

Watch: Arro's New Marriage Equality Song 'Marry Me'

Arro Verse (a SheWired Featured Artist) debuted her new marriage equality song, “Marry Me,” on YouTube.

A proud native of Detroit, MI, Arro began writing silly songs to make her friends laugh at the age of seven. Her unique natural worship of 80's hairbands soon prompted her to study the acoustic and electric guitar. At that time, no one around shared her passion for that type of music so she began playing many sports. She put down her guitar and picked up a softball bat.

Years and years later, this former college athlete reversed what had been done long ago, now exploring her love for songwriting and multiple instruments. After playing in several rock bands and a hip hop band, she's become a solo artist who sings and plays the majority of instruments on all her songs.

In her spare time, Arro enjoys coaching softball to kids and promoting health and fitness to our society. Arro now works with The Marry Me Movement launching a campaign for funding to make documentary focused on the fight for marriage equality. As part of the effort to raise awareness and money, they have planned a series of softball games. The funds raised will support the film as well as other nonprofit groups focused on LGBT equality.

Check out Arro's new song below:

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