Watch: Expedia Wedding Couple Nikki and Jill Plan for the Wedding on 'The Real L Word'

Watch: Expedia Wedding Couple Nikki and Jill Plan for the Wedding on 'The Real L Word'

Fans of The Real L Word will easily recognize the couple featured in Expedia’s heartfelt new commercial about a dad coming to understanding about his daughter’s wedding to another woman. As camera’s followed them for months during Showtime’s The Real L Word’s first season Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein meticulously planned their wedding. While the pair got married in Malibu in October of 2010 some time following the reality show’s first season, dedicated fans became invested in their nuptials over he course of the season.

Now, Nikki and Jill are featured in an Expedia commercial entitled “Find Your Understanding” that features Jill’s dad Artie Goldstein speaking poignantly about his love for his daughter and his evolution in understanding relationship with Nikki.

In the ad Artie says, “This is not the dream I had for my daughter,” regarding his reaction to when Nikki went to him asking permission to marry Jill.

In the end Artie says that he saw how beautiful and in love Jill and Nikki were and he came to a place of acceptance.  

"You have to make a decision," "are you going to have a daughter that you are going to maintain a very wonderful relationship for the rest of your life or are you going to lose that child."

Here’s a video stroll down memory lane of Nikki and Jill planning their wedding on The Real L Word’s first season.

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