Scream Queen Tucky Williams' Top Five Favorite Horror Flicks of All Time

Scream Queen Tucky Williams' Top Five Favorite Horror Flicks of All Time

Actress and writer Tucky Williams plays a lothario on her break-out  web series Girl/Girl Scene, but prior to making lesbians swoon online the Kentucky native and out actress made a name for herself as a B-movie scream queen as a zombie slayer in Dead Moon Rising. Considering Tucky's horror credentials we figured she'd be up to the task of curating a list of her top five horror films of all time. Here they are!  

1. Scream

This is the first horror movie I ever watched. Scream is also a pioneer in the making of films that are self-aware. I wanted to be one of the teenagers in this movie, and still do. You can tell they had fun making it. This is a movie that made me want to be in movies.

2. Aliens

Okay, Aliens is technically more sci-fi than horror, but face-suckers, egg-laying creatures with acid for blood, and Bill Paxton in full-on freak-out mode combine to make this one of my all-time favorites. Not to mention Private Vasquez, one of the greatest lesbian characters ever.

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3. The Prince of Darkness

Apparently Jesus was an inter-dimensional being sent to earth to warn us of a parallel world with an anti-God who wants to enter our world through mirrors and acid (again, acid) and destroy life, as we know it. I’ve watched this multiple times and I still don’t understand what’s happening.

4. Paranormal Activity Trilogy

These movies are just good. I recommend them to the curious who want to dip their toes into horror. Nothing ever really happens in these films, but when the sight of a blanket makes me scream bloody murder, I know I’m watching something good.

5. The Faculty

I clearly have a hard-on for Kevin Williamson. If you ever felt like you didn’t fit-in in high school, maybe it’s because everyone else was an alien. I know you’ve never heard of it, but this movie is hilarious, and if you like laughter with a side of gore, you will not be disappointed.

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