Watch: Kate McKinnon Does Ellen DeGeneres on 'Ellen'

Watch: Kate McKinnon Does Ellen DeGeneres on 'Ellen'
Sunnivie Brydum

Saturday Night Live's first (and only) out cast member, and SheWired's SNL favorite, Kate McKinnon, appears on today's episode of The Ellen Show. Producers have our attention any time they put two hot, blonde lesbians on camera together, but DeGeneres' two-part interview with McKinnon is pure joy. 

McKinnon said she was so excited to meet DeGeneres that she was holding back tears, and likened meeting America's favorite talk show host to "meeting Jesus." 

But things got even more meta when DeGeneres told McKinnon her SNL impression needed work, noting that McKinnon's on-set fashion mimicking DeGeneres was out-of-date. Naturally, DeGeneres gave McKinnon an updated ensemble, and McKinnon re-emerged as the spitting image of DeGeneres. Then they dance together and my queer-lady-loving head explodes from fabulousness. 

Watch both segments below. 


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