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Where the Girls are on TV: Sugar Rush, Elizabeth Berkley, Sara Gilbert

Where the Girls are on TV: Sugar Rush, Elizabeth Berkley, Sara Gilbert

Olivia and Natalia engage in a big ole lesbian kiss on Guiding Light, The L Word's back in full swing with guest star Elizabeth Berkley cruising BFF Jennifer Beals, British teen lesbian show Sugar Rush premieres on here! Plus, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin as sisterwives in Big Love and Sara Gilbert's downgraded in Big Bang Theory.

The last time I took over talking lesbians on television for Ms. Lauren Incognito was when she was off delivering her pretty, little pumpkin. It appears that only a few short months after bringing in a new life, a Christening has taken precedence over reporting the T.V news. Rumor around the office is that she forgot about the blessed ceremonies altogether. How she could forget after being in labor for 92 thousand hours is beyond me.

That said, let's dig into the girls on TV. In an attempt to save their asses -- and I'm not complaining -- the writers for Guiding Light have given Olivia and Natalia some new and improved props -- I mean, chops. After a kiss that may be heard all the way over at the All my Children set -- where Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun are playing full-on Lesbo -- it  remains to be seen if the Guiding Light duo will ever spit out the "L word" onscreen.

In a sad segue attempt, the soon-to-be-yanked-from-existence The L Word, never disappoints - for better or worse. Although, I have always been quick to pick -- and stick with --my fave, Alice (Leisha Hailey), I was disappointed in her lack of fundamental sharing skills in the money department with Tash in the season premiere. And by the way, Lucy Lawless should sleep in that uniform.

This week's episode had Bette encountering an old college no-gooder played by ours truly Elizabeth Berkley -- and by "ours" I mean, not mine! I haven't seen that many ribs since my prom date ditched me at Tony Roma's. Although, I didn't want to sleep with him anyway -- being that he was a boy and all.

The Season Six second episode "Least Likely," still had me wondering what has become of Jenny and why is Alice so fucking hot? I just hope Shane can one day become a one-woman woman, like a recovering alcoholic --with a Sunday-only glass of Cab, of course.

On a very intoxicating note, I am so in love with the BBC television series Sugar Rush, premiering on here! on Feb. 6.  If you have not already fallen for this teen dream coming-of-age knockout, it's a must see gay-romp-a-rama mixed with innocence and an ever-so-popular sex pot hottie that even a straight chick would lust over. In this tragic love story, growing up lesbian all over again never seemed so familiar. This series is more addictive than Damages. I can't believe I just said that.

Sugar Rush takes place on the south coast of England in the beautiful town of Brighton. Kim Daniels (Olivia Hallinan) is attending Ravendene, a school that has defined itself on integrity and honor. As Kim leaves behind her wild best friend Zoe "Saint" Clements (Sarah-Jane Potts), she meets Maria "Sugar" Sweet (Leonora Crichlow). The intensity surrounding these girls turns flames into fire, creating a metamorphosis of irreparable feelings and undying emotions.

In a scene not suitable for children, "Sugar" utilizes -- as she should -- her sex appeal in a way that should only be seen to understand. Let's just say that not sporting panties can work with old, nasty authority figures.

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Being a polygamist apparently isn't all its cracked up to be. This season on Big Love has been all about drama. The last episode "Empire" had the Henrickson's testing the waters on a group date that left Ana feeling alone. Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) finally gets a clean bill of health and Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) is not looking to get pregnant anytime soon, much to the shock of her family. Patriarch and lucky bastard Bill (Bill Paxton is on a mission to preserve the privacy of his family by finding Rhonda. And, his best bud Don and Peg find themselves in a puddle of monogamy-yuck!

Big Love is a big fan of the cliffhanger. Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) is feeling the stress, dumps Franky and applies to ASU. But her plans could be stifled if it turns out that our little Sarah could possibly be "with child."

Not so much love for The Big Bang Theory. Much to my chagrin, our girl Sara Gilbert has been downgraded from series regular to a recurring role.

What is that about? Well, the producers blame it on being unable to find enough story lines for her. This is a big disappointment for me as she was my favorite character on the show. What is a bunch of physicists without a cute, little lesbian? Okay, we get it-- probably nothing to do with her being a dyke, but she is just so damn funny!

I can't write about television without mentioning my favorite little train wreckster Lindsay Lohan. In the latest Perez Hiltonongoing mocking of her, he exploits -- I mean explains -- that Lindsay may have cut herself in yet another self-annihilation attempt. If Sam Ronson would put down the damn cigarettes for a second, she may be able to help poor Lindserloo. These two are so tired and I really just wish they would break up already. Wouldn't we love to see whom Sam dates next? Seriously, you know she would be smokin'.

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