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If we had to pick only one superhero to come save us from evil, it would absolutely be Thor, played by the super hot and muscle-bound Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. He's a one-of-a-kind talent, and who would have thought that he of all people got his start in a daytime soap opera called Home and Away. Now, the Aussie hunk is one of Hollywood's elite A-Listers, starring in movies like Marvels' The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, Blackhat, Vacation, and In the Heart of the Sea. Pride has got the scoop on one of the manliest men in all of showbiz, to satisfy even the most hardcore Hemsworth lovers out there.

Do We Want to See a Captain Marvel/Valkyrie/Thor Rom-Com? HELL YES!

Men in Black: International stars Tessa Thompson and Tessa Thompson are totally down for a superpowered MCU love triangle movie.

Tessa Thompson Says Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, Thor Could Be a Throuple

In the words of Mo'Nique, "I would like to see it."

We're Extremely Jealous of Thor's Roommate Darryl

Is Thor looking for another roomie? Asking for a friend.

10 Times Chris Hemsworth Was the Hottest Thing Down Under

It's Chris Hemsworth's birthday and we're going to party so hard. 

30 Straight Celebrities Who Are Gay in Our Dreams

Warning: this slide show features countless abs. 

Get Ready to See Thor As You've Never Seen 'Her' Before

Marvel Comics confirms Thor will appear in a new series as a woman.