We're Extremely Jealous of Thor's Roommate Darryl

Raffy Ermac

When the first Team Thor short was released last year, Marvel fans got a hilarious inside look at what life for Thor (played by our fave Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth) is like during his off-time, living in a small flat in Australia with his civilian, white collar roommate Darryl. 

Well, after the positive reaction from the first short, it looks like fans are going to be blessed with yet another slice of the Asgardian superhero's everyday life, since the preview of Team Thor: Pt. 2 was just released today! 

In this most recent Team Thor episode, we see Thor trying to pay his half of the rent with Asgardian treasures and coins, which, as Darryl points out, aren't worth anything on Earth. After Darryl suggests that Thor get a job in order to make rent, Thor laughs it off, and nonchalantly flexes his famous (and huge) biceps. 

Watch a hilarious—and muscle-filled—clip of Team Thor: Pt. 2 below, and be sure to watch the full thing when it comes with the digital release of Doctor Strange

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