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Matt & Dan Season 2 Is Officially Here to Serve Up More Laughs

'Matt & Dan' Season 2 Is Officially Here to Serve Up More Laughs

'Matt & Dan' Season 2 Is Officially Here to Serve Up More Laughs

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the hilarious (and outrageous) web series is back for another round!


Matt & Dan, the hilariously absurd, sketch comedy web series from actors and besties Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh is back for another season of laughs!

Like the first round, Season 2 of Matt & Dan (which came to fruition thanks to a very successful crowdfunding campaign) promises to be queer AF, with our titular characters experiencing even more outrageous adventures, the likes of which include living through a zombie apocalypse, stripping at a bachelorette party, and surviving a plane crash in the Himalayas (just to name a few). 

"We had such an incredible reaction to our first season," Gordh told PRIDE in an interview last year about the push to make Matt & Dan Season 2. "Matt and I both know it can be really hard to get people to see or engage with a new show, especially when you don’t have built-in viewership from being on a network or VOD service. But with only 6 full episodes our first season, we were able to get an incredible group of fans who stayed engaged throughout the entire season. As soon as we completed our first season, Matt and I both knew that we had to make another season of this show."

Watch the first episode of Matt & Dan Season 2 below! And make sure to subscribe to Matt & Dan on YouTube for more!

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