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This Twitter Thread Is Better Than Any Teen Rom-Com We've Ever Seen

This Twitter Thread Is Better Than Any Teen Rom-Com We've Ever Seen

This Twitter Thread Is Better Than Any Teen Rom-Com We've Ever Seen

This scary-accurate (and hilarious AF) thread of teen movie stock characters includes ~different girl~, gay best friend, jock, and so much more! 


As much as we love teen movies and TV shows, we have to admit that we're not watching them for their groundbreaking storylines or well-developed characters. In fact, a lot of media geared towards teens is poorly written, incredibly cliché, and predictable, but in a world full of uncertainty and darkness, that's probably why we like them so much.

As much as we love them though, it's still totally okay to poke fun at them, and that's what comedian Eva Victor (@evaandheriud) did perfectly when she posted a video on Twitter examining the ~different girl~ trope. 

If you've ever seen at least one teen rom-com in your life (we hope you have), then you probably already know who ~different girl~ is. Eva's version works at a record store, smokes, has a tongue piercing and tattoos, listens to bands like Kings of Leon (and judges other people for not knowing them), pretends not to care about silly, unimportant things like her school's prom, and is reluctant to admit that she has feelings for the quarterback because they're not a part of the "same crowd." Eva's characterization of ~different girl~ was so spot-on, we couldn't help but cackle during her whole video.

But it gets better! After Eva's video quickly went viral, other comedians started replying and creating their own versions of our favorite teen movie stock characters, like the quarterback that has a crush on ~different girl~...

...the quarterback's demanding girlfriend...

...~different girl's~ frumpy best friend (who Gaby Dunn points out gives off huge, powerful lesbian vibes)...

...~different girl's~ older, wiser coworker who always knows just what to say when she needs to hear it the most...

...~different girl's~ Black coworker who only gets seen in the background because she's a person of color in a teen movie...

...the random Asian character at school who doesn't even say a single thing at all...

...and of course, what teen movie is complete with the gay best friend?! (In this case, played by one of our fave, most hilarious out comedians Benito Skinner.)

All this thread needs now is the right, cheesy theme song, like Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me," and you have yourselves the perfect teen rom-com!

We know this Twitter thread is poking fun at the absurdity and predictability of teen films and shows, but if some brave soul in Hollywood was able to assemble these comedic geniuses together and make this thread an actual movie IRL, we'd gladly pay top dollar to go see that masterpiece in theaters!!

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