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Why Are the Gays Obsessed With Tall Guys? This Sketch Has an Answer

Why Are the Gays Obsessed With Tall Guys? This Sketch Has an Answer

Michael Henry's latest video has a bone to pick with guys who brag about their height.


Comedian Michael Henry is back with a new YouTube sketch, this time making fun of the obsession with height among gay men.

The video, titled “What’s the Deal With Tall Men?” features Henry and Gabriel Notarangelo introducing their fictional selves in a group of three by sharing “winning qualities” about themselves. While they focus on interests and personality, by the time they get to the third member of their group, played by Lyle Colby Mackston, he immediately jumps straight to talking about his height.

“What are some of your winning qualities?” Notarangelo asks.

“I’m 6’4”,” Mackston replies, to an immediate duet of “who cares” from the other two.

The banter that follows pokes fun at tall gay men who outwardly seem to base their entire personality on being tall, staging an “intervention” for Mackston’s character, who they say has his height as his Instagram bio and uses the screen name TallBitch4You on dating apps.

Henry frequently tackles niche topics in the gay community with loving mockery and self-deprecating sense of humor. “What’s the Deal With Tall Men?” continues that streak, and leaves viewers hotly debating the relevance height in the comments.

“I’m sending this to like 20 guys,” one wrote.

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