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The 1975's Matt Healy Sets Record Straight On 'Coming Out'

The 1975's Matt Healy Sets Record Straight On 'Coming Out'

The 1975's Matt Healy Sets Record Straight On 'Coming Out'

Spoiler: he didn't. 


After several publications reported yesterday that The 1975’s Matt Healy came out as an “aesthete,” Healy is setting the record straight.

“I tend not to talk about my sexuality that explicitly because I don’t really have to and all things are subject to change,” he told Attitude in the original interview.

“Then sexuality gets changed for me because I would, and have, kissed beautiful men, but I don’t want to fuck them. It stops for me when it comes to [sex].”

Outlets were quick to grab onto this as Healy “coming out,” when really, he says, that’s not what happened at all.

“I didn’t come out as anything this [is] a weird thing to say,” he wrote on Twitter. “I did an interview with a Queer publication and was asked about my sexuality.

While Healy did express throughout the interview that he appreciates the beauty of men, has publicly kissed a male fan, and that the first “sexy kiss” he noticed in real life was between two men, he clearly doesn’t equate that to coming out as queer in any way, and that’s just fine.

“I’m not playing a game and trying to take up queer spaces I’m simply trying to be an ally and this headline makes me uncomfortable,” he said.

As we as a society continue to further the discussion surrounding the realities of being queer, the fluidity of sexuality and expression and the gray spaces between what we’ve known as solidly heterosexual and solidly homosexual become more and more apparent.

And fans were quick to encourage Healy to be exactly who he seems to know he is, regardless of any labels.

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