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15 Most Magically Queer Ellen Page Moments From 2015

15 Magically Queer Ellen Page Moments From 2015

15 Magically Queer Ellen Page Moments From 2015

Last year was big year for Ellen Page. In February, Ellen came out at the HRC Time to Thrive Conference in a heartfelt speech. Lesbians everywhere rejoiced!

But as the saying kinda goes, she could only go up from there! And, oh, was 2015 an amazing year for Ellen Page. Her passion project, Freeheld, debuted, she was featured all over and she came into her own by living openly with girlfriend Samantha Thomas at her side. Let’s look at 15 highlights from Ellen Page this year:

1. When she was featured in American Way and paved the way for lesbians to be as widely accepted as airplane magazines are distributed.

ellen page

Not mad at this cover sexy cover AND can't wait to read this on a flight soon.

2. When you found out she’s starring in the new movie Tallulah with Juno actress Allison Janney.

It’s about Ellen’s character trying to save a baby from a negligent mother by passing the baby off as her own, which already sounds like a hauntingly wonderful plot for a movie.

3. When she was featured in DuJour Magazine for 2015’s Defining Moments in Film piece.


Ellen Page from the portfolio I shot for Du Jour Magazine highlighting the best acting and directing performances of 2015. Styled by @paulmfrederick. #Ellenpage #freeheld

A photo posted by Jeremy Liebman (@jeremy_liebman) on


“Every time I read this script, I’m emotionally moved,” Page says of Freeheld, which is based on a real-life lesbian couple facing heartbreaking discrimination. “When I met Stacie Andree and she took me around the town and into the house that was her and Laurel Hester’s home, or to the convenience store where Laurel liked to get her coffee, I felt—even though Stacie had had this wonderful life—the emotional weight of her loss. That’s what hit me the most.”

4. When you found out she has a VICE show called Gaycation, where she will be exploring LGBT issues all over the world.

Notice that she also confronts the conservative presidential candidate, Ted Cruz.

5. When you read her interview with Ellen Page in Washington Post and she said this:


“When you’re closeted you’re closed off, you’re sad, you’re uninspired. A huge part of me was like, ‘Do I keep wanting to do this job?’ The fact that I can be out and live my life and be happy has a ripple effect in everything that you do, including your work.” Read our profile of @ellenpage by clicking the link in our bio. ( by @jabinbotsford / The Washington Post)

A photo posted by Washington Post (@washingtonpost) on


“When asked if she’d detected a difference in the way straight men interact with her since changing her personal style, Page responded, 'No, not at all. But maybe that’s because I’m never thinking about that.' She cracked a bit of a smile as she sat with her back to a window in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. 'That’s just not something that would ever cross my mind, how a straight man’s perceiving me.'"

6. And when she professed her love for her girlfriend Samantha Thomas in that Washington Post article:

“I’m bringing her with me because I’m in love with her,” Page said. “I’m going to the premiere of my movie… and it’s an extremely special and meaningful night for me. Of course I want her by my side.”

7. When Ellen Page was the star of the Play Station game "Beyond: Two Souls," playing a woman with special powers who trains in the CIA.

Williem DaFoe is also in it, which makes this game even more rad.

8. When Ellen Page moved you to near tears when she talked about how being closeted stifled her career and happiness...

...all which was able to dissipate after she came out and fell in love with girlfriend Samantha Thomas. *swooning*

9. When Ellen page went on The Talk and was able to have a lesbian moment with Sara Gilbert after Sharon Osbourne mentioned that Sara’s wife, Linda Perry, wrote a song (which Miley Cyrus performed) for Freeheld.

These are moments we would not see on television 10 years ago people. Ellen is breaking ground.

10. When Ellen spoke with Cameron Jones about how her own coming out story correlated with her role in Freeheld.

Seeing her respond to an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent question not only makes her seem even more real, it also is fuel to the Ellen Page crush fire.

11. When Ellen Page and Samantha Thomas stepped out on the Red Carpet at the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of Freeheld.


Major #relationshipgoals.

12. When Ellen Page received the HRC Vanguard Award.

“Her willingness to speak her truth for all to hear, and to confront injustice against LGBT people has made her a role model and there is no one more deserving of HRC’s National Vanguard Award,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.

13. When Into the Forest premiered, a film starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood, who play sisters living in an apocalyptic world.


If this female directed film played by Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood doesn't make you want to watch this movie, then you've got problems.

14. This behind the scenes look at Ellen Page and Julianne Moore’s shoot for Out Magazine.

Swooning at the eyeliner and hair look. Could they be any cuter?

15. These 100 seconds with Ellen Page that show exactly why we love her.

You’re going to blush at the end!

Briana Gonzalez works and lives in San Francisco with her girlfriend and their two pugs (Irie + Tootzy). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram to see what hilarity she finds herself in next.

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Briana Gonzalez

<p>A proud, queer, Latina, identical twin with a penchant for brash humans and things that make me cough laugh.</p>

<p>A proud, queer, Latina, identical twin with a penchant for brash humans and things that make me cough laugh.</p>