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Ellen Page's First Gaycation Trailer Is Officially Here

Ellen Page's First 'Gaycation' Trailer Is Officially Here

Ellen Page's First 'Gaycation' Trailer Is Officially Here

Ellen Page made headlines last August when she confronted Ted Cruz in Iowa about LGBT rights. The video went viral online, and later we found out that it was part of Page's new show, Gaycation, on Viceland. On Gaycation, Page travels around the world and interviews LGBT people who live in countries where they still face persecution, and she even comes face-to-face with people who openly admit to killing LGBT people.

BuzzFeed LGBT has the exclusive clip to the new trailer here

ellen page

Page and her best friend and co-host, Ian Daniel, travel to Jamaica to witness the historic first pride parade in the country; they travel to Tokyo's gay district (where Page confesses that she was too closeted to travel to in the past), and to Rio de Janeiro, where Page says although, "it seems like a place that is sexually open, the issues that LGBT people face can be really horrific." 

ellen page

Towards the end of the trailer, while riding in a car, Page says reflectively, "Being gay is not a choice. The amount of people that struggle SO much because of the shame they feel, or the fear of being oppressed or hurt or killed — why would someone make that choice?"

ellen page

You can watch Gaycation when it premieres on Viceland on Wednesday, March 2 at 10 p.m.

H/T: BuzzFeed LGBT


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