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6 Tips for Creating a Chic Party

6 Tips for Creating a Chic Party

1. Who to Invite

Of course, you can invite your go-to group of friends or have them each bring a +1, but if you want to spice things up and meet new people, try inviting a wild card by using Hoppr by Absolut. The mobile web-app lets you attend nearby house parties or invite folks over to yours. Because we all know the best way to meet someone new is over good food and drink! 

2. What to Cook

If you want to go the homemade route, make something in advance that you can easily just pop in the oven once guests arrive—minimizing stove clutter. Everyone has a different diet, so going vegetarian is also a safe option (oh, and these veggie enchiladas are bomb). Remember, cold appetizers, like simple cheese and crackers, are gold.


3. What to Drink

It's best to have one signature cocktail that you made in advance and simply need to pour over ice. An Absolut Mule is a refreshing summer option that mixes Absolut Vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve it in a chilled copper mug for the ideal sipping experience. Also, if you're covering the food, it's totally acceptable to ask your guests to bring a bottle of something delicious. 


4. Where to Sit

If you’re serving a meal, center it around a table. If it’s more of a causal gather, set up a couple different seating areas for people to mingle (by the couch, by the table, etc.). Make each area special with fresh flowers or a fun centerpiece. Considering most city apartments are on the smaller size, think about utilizing seating that can double as an eating surface—like a wooden ottoman—and don’t be afraid to pull out some wooden chairs that can be folded up against the wall for extra dance floor space after use.


5. What to Play

Custom playlists are key to setting the mood! This is also a good task to assign to one of your guests or a significant other. It’ll make them feel integral to the party. We’re big fans of Spotify’s “Loud & Proud” playlist, which has all our favorite pop-dance hits.


6. What to Wear

Dress codes are fun and can be super easy, especially during summer. Think about theming what you wear with what kind of food you serve or music you play (so if you’re serving up some classic American fare, ask folks to come dressed in Gatsby-wear—think slick backed-hair and a fun tie or bow-tie—and then throw on classic ‘20s tunes).



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