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A-List Stars Sign On For ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’ Telethon

A-List Stars Sign On For ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’ Telethon

Bob the Drag Queen, Charlize Theron, Jessie Eisenberg, Trixie Mattel

Hollywood isn’t having it with the drag bans.


Charlize Theron, Jesse Eisenberg, and Amy Schumer are the latest stars to sign on as guests for the upcoming Drag Isn’t Dangerous telethon.

The event, which will raise money for LGBTQ+ causes and drag performers, is scheduled for May 7 and is amassing a genuinely impressive roster of stars, all of whom are putting their foot down against the rising tide of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation sweeping the nation.

Their support is certainly needed. According to the HRC, as of February “340 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced in statehouses across the country. 150 of those would specifically restrict the rights of transgender people, the highest number of bills targeting transgender people in a single year to date.”

Along with Theron, Eisenberg, and Schumer, Leslie Jones, Margaret Cho, Ts Madison, Whitney Cummings, Marcia Gay Harden, Wilson Cruz, and Sarah Silverman will all be taking part in the event. They’ll be joined by drag legends Trixie Mattel, Bob the Drag Queen, The Boulet Brothers, Jinkx Monsoon, Trinity the Tuck, Monét X Change, Ginger Minj, Alaska, BeBe Zahara Benet, Eureka O’Hara, and so many more!

“The recent demonization of drag culture has been greatly upsetting and completely shocking to me. I have had the pleasure of getting to know many drag performers, including one of my idols, the incomparable Trixie Mattel, over the past several years,” Eisenberg said in a press release. “Drag artists represent joy and creativity and celebrate the many wonderful ways to be in our society. To attribute anything else to them is appalling and dangerous.”

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“Drag is an art form, and art should never be policed. Art is essential to an evolved, free-thinking and democratic society, and any attempt to restrict it is a sign of a declining culture,” said The Boulet Brothers. “We feel it’s important to resist and fight laws like this immediately.”

“The nerve of these disingenuous politicians is unfathomable,” said Silverman. “The number one killer of children is guns and these NRA pawns deflect it with a completely fabricated problem that puts the drag community in danger. The hypocrisy is astounding.”

Alaska added that drag will never be stopped. "Drag is an art form that provides inspiration and empowerment. As soon as you try to define what Drag is, it changes forms and becomes something new. It’s an unstoppable force that cannot be silenced,” she explained.

Drag Isn’t Dangerous is set to air live on Sunday, May 7 on Tickets to view the show are on sale now. Pre-donations are also welcome and can be sent via

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