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Andrew Rannells & Tan France Are Adorable Gay Dads In Princess Power

Andrew Rannells & Tan France Are Adorable Gay Dads In Princess Power

Princess Power
Courtesy of Netflix

The sweet new, queer-inclusive series heads to Netflix this month.


Today in totally adorable queer news, Netflix announced that their new animated series Princess Power will feature Andrew Rannells and Tan France as (royal) gay dads.

The new series is based on the New York Times bestselling book seriesPrincesses Wear Pants by Savannah Guthrie (co-anchor of Today) and Allison Oppenheim and is executive produced by Drew Barrymore. The plot focuses on a group of young princesses of the four major fruit Kingdoms: Kira Kiwi, Beatrice “Bea” Blueberry, Rita Raspberry, and Penelope “Penny” Pineapple. “These princesses embrace their differences and become stronger together to help their fellow fruitizens and make their world a better place. Princess Power's whimsical, aspirational joy comes with a timely message: that it's not just what you wear but what you do that makes all the difference”

Rannells and France play the out-and-proud parents of Princess Beatrice and according to their character descriptions “King Barton (Rannells) isn’t as much of a daredevil as his husband and daughter, he’s a brilliant pilot, and feels as much at home in a biplane as he does in the kitchen, where he’s a master of bold and surprising concoctions. King Barton is a wise and respected leader with a steady hand on the Blueberry Fruitdom, but Bea knows that once he steps out of the throne room, it’s only a matter of time before the dad jokes start to fly.”

Princess Power

Courtesy of Netflix

As for his partner, Sir Benedict Blueberry (France), “Princess Bea gets her playful streak from Sir Benedict – he has a similar gleam in his eye and an equal love of adventure. Although it sometimes gives Barton the occasional near heart attack, Bea and Benedict are the type of father-daughter duo who would make a zipline from the top of the palace and swoop down to surprise Barton while he’s strolling the grounds.”

The series also guest stars Rita Moreno (Great Aunt Busyboots), Jenna Ushkowitz (Queen Ryung), and Ciera Payton (Queen Katia).

The animated series looks to be incredibly sweet and exactly the kind of normalizing representation that children of queer parents — and their friends — need. We love to see it.

Princess Power debuts on Netflix January 30. Watch the trailer and embrace the adorableness below.

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