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Gen Z Is Making Dating Apps Gayer Than Ever Before, Tinder Reports

Gen Z Is Making Dating Apps Gayer Than Ever Before, Tinder Reports


And here's what Gen Zers are actually looking for...


As the eldest of Gen Z join dating apps for the first time, the statistics of LGBTQ+ identities on them are actively changing – and a new report from Tinder reveals the percentage of queer folks who are using them.

The app is "the first stepping stone in the dating journey and is the most-downloaded app by 18-year-olds," meaning a large number of young people are using Tinder to meet people. Tinder reports that "members aged 18-25 that identify as LGBTQIA+ on Tinder have more than doubled in the last 2 years," and around one-third of those users say their sexuality and gender identity have become more fluid in the past 3 years. LGBTQ+ members are now the fastest-growing group on Tinder.

And Gen Z is not looking for romance in the traditional sense. The top three things they're actively seeking on Tinder are companionship, friendship, or a situationship.

“Tinder daters have changed the state-of-the-date by tossing out traditional views and are embracing experiences on their own terms, not to mention a whole new vocabulary,” said Melissa Hobley, Tinder Global Chief Marketing Officer, in a statement. “What was once defined as a one night stand ten years ago, is only viewed this way by 25% of young daters today."

For example, 56% of these dates believing “hooking up” is outdated and "means something different to them than it does for older generations" and, Tinder reports, "is simply part of the dating process, and a way to explore a connection without the pressure of labels - it is not something to be ashamed or secretive about."

The report is a part of Tinder's It Starts With A Swipe campaign featuring photo-digital artist Pol Kurucz, Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago, and her boyfriend, trans TikTok star and actor Jesse Sullivan.

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