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Mrs. Kasha Davis Felt 'Hurt' By Negative Critiques On All Stars 8

Mrs. Kasha Davis Felt 'Hurt' By Negative Critiques On 'All Stars 8'

Mrs. Kasha Davis

She was eliminated in the third episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8.


There’s always time for kindness!

The third episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 featured a supermarket-themed ball challenge. Unfortunately, season seven star Mrs. Kasha Davis lacked sewing skills and ended up creating the most negatively-critiqued look on the runway.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Davis talked about her experience receiving such negative critiques – particularly from judge Ts Madison. “I mean, it hurt my feelings, like it’s supposed to,” she explained. “To spew such hate for something that was created out of excitement and passion and trying my best is no reflection on Ts Madison. I love her, and I love everything she does, and I’m a huge fan and follower.”

On Instagram, Davis also joked about Madison’s critique, writing: “I wish Ts Madison would have been more specific in her critique. I was left wondering how she really felt.”

Nonetheless, Davis has been in this business for a long time and learned how to take criticism over the years. “I’ve learned in the theater world and the house I grew up in, I always take more out of the criticisms from people and the suggestions than I do from the compliments,” Davis noted. “I appreciate the compliments and I learn to say, ‘Thank you’ when someone says something looks great or that I’ve done a great job. But I really love to hear what I can improve upon and how it maybe even fell short or suggestions somebody might have to make it better.”

Davis was then asked about her speech on the main stage, which was perceived by some fans as her giving up on being in the competition. “I don’t want anybody to think I was throwing my hands up,” she responded. “If it was a matter of me going home, it’s not going to end my world, it’s not going to ruin me.”

We absolutely love Mrs. Kasha Davis and will continue to support her in her future endeavors!

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 airs Fridays on Paramount+.

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