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Naysha Lopez Is Spilling Tea On How One All Star Got Special Treatment

Naysha Lopez Is Spilling Tea On How One All Star Got Special Treatment

Naysha Lopez
Courtesy of Paramount+

“It really was one take – except for some people.”


Naysha Lopez may have sashayed off the main stage in episode two of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8, but she’s winning the crown for spilling the tea this week. According to the former Miss Continental (and trade of the season), one of her fellow All Stars received special treatment during episode two. Gay gasp!

Of course, it all went down at Roscoes where Naysha was discussing the second episode with Alexis Michelle, Kahanna Montrese, and LaLa Ri. When the conversation turned to the maxi challenge, an SNL send-up called RDR Live, she shared that while the whole thing was meant to be filmed in “one motherf**king take” not everyone had to contend with that rule.

“We got a run-through that wasn’t taped,” she began. “It was just a run-through so we could get an idea of the teleprompter, where to look, and stuff like that.”

“It really was one take – except for some people.” Cue the shade rattle.

Of course, the crowd wanted answers and began changing “Say their names.” Bless Naysha, she did just that.

Kandy Muse. Kandy Muse,” Naysha chanted back and the crowd started cheering.

“Hold on, hold on. We were backstage and it was supposed to be one take. One motherf**king take, right – they said that from the start,” Naysha continued. “The rule was: ‘One motherf**king take‘. And [the rest of the cast] were in the back, where we were usually line up for the runway, and [Kandy Muse] did her part on the main stage – that’s where her thing was, because she was ‘the host’.

But production stepped in during her take, recalled Naysha. “Halfway through the monologue, [production] was like: ‘Kandy stop, let’s try that again, etc, etc, etc’.”


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While Naysha was calling shade on production, she also wanted to make it clear how much she admires Kandy’s talents. “I will tell you this,” she added. “One take, two takes, five takes, Kandy Muse is a sickening motherf**ker. She had it right the first time.

She did have more takes, but the b*tch is sickening and she turned it. Didn’t matter whether it was one take or five. She turned it.”

We live for the spilling of Drag Race tea!

Drag Race All Stars 8 is currently airing on Paramount+.

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