13 Naked Things You Need to Do Before You Die

13 Naked Things You Need to Do Before You Die
Alexander Kirk

There’s no better feeling than being completely unclothed and feeling completely confident in your own skin.

Obviously, when most people think about activities that involve nudity, sex immediately comes to mind. But, we’re here to give you 13 (nonsexual) naked things you absolutely must do before you die. 

1. Night swimming

Bonus points for doing it at a party or with a group of friends.

2. Bare beaching

I’m pretty sure that’s the sole purpose of deserted islands.

3. Sleep

There’s nothing stopping you from this one.

4. Sunbathe

Tanlines are so yesterday.

5. Get a massage

I know you probably already do this, but get a naked massage and be completely relaxed about it.

6. Camp/Hike

Au naturale.

7. Shower outside

Maybe directly after your naked hike.

8. Clean your house

Serve-up French maid realness without the tacky costume.

9. Be a painter's muse

Titanic teas.

10. Dance

Let it all hang out.

11. Yoga/Exercise

Either in public or in private. Naked yoga classes definitely exist.

12. DIY body masks

Cleanse your pores from head to toe.

13. Ride a horse

Save a cowboy.

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