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13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By'90s Nickelodeon Characters We're Totally Obsessed With

13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By '90s Nickelodeon Characters

13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By 90s Nickelodeon Characters

How can we possibly choose the best one?!


Looking for some 90s nostalgia this Halloween?

13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By 90s Nickelodeon Characters


It still feels like the '90s was last decade, but believe it or not, it's been over twenty years since we saw the last day of 1999. Crazy, right!?

Nostalgia is rampant for all things '90s, and one of the things we always love to relive is our favorite characters from Nickelodeon. If you're on the hunt for some Halloween costume ideas, here are 13 inspired by some of the best Nickelodeon had to offer.

SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Costume

​Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongBob Squarepants! I still can’t not hear the theme song anytime I see or hear anything about SpongeBob. Although most of his popularity started gaining traction in the early 2000s, SpongeBob is a character that multiple generations love and connect to.

Arnold Shortman

Arnold Shortman costume

The iconic 90s football head was a staple Nickelodeon show, and he's a great addition to your Halloween costume repertoire. Other ideas from the show also include his best freind, Gerald, or his admirer, Helga G. Pataki.

Reggie Rocket

Reggie Rocket costume

Rocket Power was one of the best shows on Nickelodeon, regardless of decade. And yes, I will fight someone over the idea! Just kidding. But seriously, this sporty show was the ultimate cartoon, and big sister Reggie was also a fan-favorite. She's also one of our favorite queer-coded characters from the era, too.

Angelica Pickles

Angelica Pickles Halloween costume


Angelica Pickles was the ultimate mean girl before Regina George was even a blip on the radar. She's blunt, upfront, and obnoxious, and we love everything about her. When you get this costume, you should also spend some time practicing the voice to really bring her to life. Halloween is also the best night to use her personality for some extra candy!

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster is one of the most beloved characters in Nickeloden, so while we're on the topic of Rugrats, let's take a moment to give him the shine he deserves. Shy, awkward, and loyal, Chuckie Finster is everything we all need in a best friend, and he should definitely make at least one appearance at every Halloween party.

A Double Dare 2000 Contestant

Double Dare 2000 Halloween


If you didn't dream of getting slimed on Double Dare 2000, you didn't live. If you have no idea what getting slimed means, you've officially made me feel old and I'd like you to kindly exit (just kidding.) But seriously, reliving 90s nostalgia doesn't get any better than dressing up as a Double Dare 2000 contestant and living your 90s kid fantasy. Bonus points if you actually make some slime to go with it. This show had an original run from the 80s-90s and was rebooted in January of 2000 because we just couldn't get enough.


CatDog Halooween costume

CatDog is a great costume choice for couples (and also for your pets!) Should you choose this costume, be sure you really like whoever you're attached to, because they'll be there for the whole night! CatDog taught us all how to accept people who are different from us, though, so even if you don't get along, maybe you'll learn to!

Doug Funnie

Doug FUnnie Halloween Costume

Doug didn't really get the full shine it deserved, if you ask me. It's still one of the best feel-good shows to return to any time you need a little lift in your life. Other character ideas from his show are Patti Mayonnaise and Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine.

Eliza Thornberry

Eliza THornberry Halloween

The Wild Thornberrys was an incredible show that taught us all what it was like to live an adventurous life surrounded by wild animals. Eliza was smart and such a compelling main character. Although the supporting characters around her, like her sister Debbie, were just as important, the show likely wouldn't have seen the same success without her.


Krumm Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Halloween

Though Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is a pretty stinky character, that doesn't mean you have to be if you choose to go as him for Halloween! Although this is a fun idea, just a couple of things to remember, should you choose to go as him: One, you will have to keep your arms up the whole time. Two, this means you might not be able to drink. Three, breathing might also night be as fun in this one.


Oblina Aaahh Real Monsters!!! Costume

While we're on the subject of Aaahh, Real Monsters!!! you would be remiss to skip out on a chance to dress as the iconic Oblina. She's one of the most memorable characters from the show and she is nothing short of incredible. She rounded out the main trio of the show and can change her appearance to provoke nightmares. I mean, how else can you scream Halloween?


Rocko Halloween Costume

​Rocko's Modern Life​ follows around the little Australian wallaby named Rocko making his way in a small American town. This is a costume that brings on the ultimate nostalgia because this show is about as 90s as it gets. It might be a little bit grosser than other shows on this list, but dressing as Rocko is a guaranteed conversation starter at any party.

Ren & Stimpy

Ren & Stimpy Halloween Costumes

This is another great option for couples, especially those who might not be super in the mood to show their faces. Ren & Stimpy were some of the most popular animated characters of the 90s and appealed to both children and adults alike. They're one of the best duos in history, and would be super fun to dress up as.

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Andrew J. Stillman is a freelance writer and yoga instructor exploring the world. Check him out at or follow him @andrewjstillman on all the things.