Exclusive: Fitness Trainer Jackie Warner Wants to 'Wisk' You into Shape

Exclusive: Fitness Trainer Jackie Warner Wants to 'Wisk' You into Shape

Since emerging onto the scene as the star of Bravo’s hit reality TV show Work Out celebrity fitness trainer and out lesbian Jackie Warner has kept herself busy.  Her second book, 10 Pounds in 10 Days was released last year, but that hasn't stopped her from plowing ahead  as she is currently working on her third book.  “I love writing,” Warner tells SheWired.  “I really, really love working with researchers and being creative.” Now, Warner has been named a Wisk Deep Clean Sweat Ambassador, and is partnering with Wisk to launch the “Work It, Wisk It” campaign.  We asked Warner for some tips she has for SheWired readers looking to get into shape in the New Year.

“First of all, don’t do something that you hate doing,” Jackie says.  “Find something that you enjoy doing, that you’ve always wanted to do- whether it be a dance class, or pilates class, or boxing, or a fighting style class – try to find something that you would like to do, rather than something you feel like you have to do.”
Warner stresses the importance of incorporating high intensity interval training into your routine. “You should never have to do more than 20 minutes of cardio,” she insists. “If you do it the right way…”  She goes on to explain, "You need to do interval training where you get your heart rate way up and then down, then way up and down.”  Still, exercise isn't everything, as Warner says she got into nutrition before getting into fitness.  When asked what percentage of weight loss has to do with eating properly, Warner answered without hesitation, “75-percent.  A great body starts in the kitchen.”

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Warner wasn’t always the fitness superstar people know her as today.  “My first year of college, I was 18 years old.  I moved to California from Ohio, and I started eating fast food, and I blew up from 114 pounds to 169 pounds in three months,” she says.  She describes this as a time where she felt a complete lack of confidence and was “out of control and addicted to food.”  It was then that Warner decided she needed a change.  “I started walking the 41 blocks to and from school every day, and I stopped eating fast food, and the weight fell off.  That intrigued me and got me very interested in nutrition.”

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While the New Year may bring pledges to hit the gym, eating right, especially when trying out new places to drink and dine, is not always easy.  For that, Warner says, there’s a formula.  “Eat clean for five days in a row, and then you can have a treat meal on the sixth and seventh day,” she explains.  “It could a be hamburger and fries; it could be a night out of drinking with your friends; it could be a movie with popcorn and candy.”  All in all, moderation is key.
Warner spoke a bit about her new partnership with Wisk, admitting that she was using the product long before she became a spokesperson.  “Wisk Deep Clean will get out the hidden body oils and sweat from your workout clothes.”  In other words, Warner says, “Don’t be afraid to get a good healthy sweat because Wisk gets it out.”


While Warner is known to the world as a fitness expert, author, and spokesperson, she is still widely known for being out as a lesbian on Work Out, despite the fact that the show has been off the air for nearly five years. She acknowledges the importance of people in the public arena being out, saying, “So many people prominently on TV and in movies are definitely helping to just make the general public understand that we are your uncles, your brothers, your sisters, your aunts, and guess what? We’re the people you look up to, too. So, that’s important.”
For more information on Jackie’s book and upcoming projects, you can visit her website at Jackie Warner.com.
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