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20 Queer Q’s with Dashaun Wesley

20 Queer Q’s with Dashaun Wesley

20 Queer Q’s with Dashaun Wesley

The King of Vogue and POSE star sits down with PRIDE's Joe Rodriguez for a round of 20 Queer Q's!


The 20 Queer Q's series seeks to capture LGBTQ+ individuals (and allies) in a moment of authenticity. We get to know the subjects, what makes them who they are, and what they value.

The goal of these intimate conversations is to leave you, the reader, feeling like you just gained a new friend, a new perspective, and that you learned something new about or saw a different side of someone—maybe someone that you don’t see online, but someone that’s maybe like you.

This week get to know the King of Vogue himself, Dashaun Wesley who was recently featured on season 2 of FX's hit series POSE as Shadow Wintour. Learn about what ballroom culture means to him, online authenticity, his advice for LGBTQ+ youth, and more!


Name: Dashaun Wesley

Age: 35

Preferred Pronouns: Him/She

Sexually Identifies As: Whatever floats my boat and what works for me

What do you love about the LGBTQ+ community?

There's nothing like it, it’s expressive and as long as I can express myself, I’m here for it. 

Talk about your first queer kiss?

I can take it back to my first boyfriend when I was 15 or 16. I used to hang out with a lot of friends who were in group homes and my first boyfriend was in a group home and I kissed him in a living room for the first time, and my heart was beating like crazy. It was nerves and excitement, nerves because how do you kiss a boy? Excitement because he was the first one and I wasn’t sure if I was kissing right.

What are your thoughts on PrEP?

I think it’s a great opportunity to have PrEP be given to those who need it. Being gay for so long in this community, to have the option is amazing. I hope that people inform themselves about it and that just because you take it that it does not save you from everything.

What does Pride mean to you?

Self-expression, being who you are. Pride exists with self. 

Who is someone you consider to be an LGBTQ+ icon?

Coming from the ballroom culture, an icon for me is Willi Ninja. He was one of the people that I look up to. I’ve seen him do things that I haven’t seen anyone else do. He’s an icon that I live for and he actually got me my first booked gig as a dancer. 

What’s a song you consider to be an LGBTQ+ anthem?

"Show Me Love" by Robin S.


Do you think LGBTQ+ youth have it easier? It gets better, does it get easier? 

Now, yes. I say that because I came from a time I came out at 14 in 1999 during a time where things were accessible but not as easy as they are today. When I was walking around trying to express myself it wasn’t accepted highly. Now I go back home to see where people are now accepted when I wasn’t back then. That’s one thing we need to understand, that when I was young, people before me were complaining so it’s a cycle. Things will be more accessible and available as time goes on. 

What’s advice you have for LGBTQ+ youth?

Don’t get caught up. We live in such a free lifestyle and if you aren't mindful of that, you can be taken advantage of and sometimes if you aren’t mindful, you can make the wrong choices. Be mindful of the choices you make because that can affect your future. 

Do you believe in love?

I do, I’m still looking for it!

Describe what being queer is like in 3-5 words. 

Exciting, humbling, gay.

Is there a LGBTQ+ TV show or movie that has had a great impact on you?

POSE. I wish it could go more in-depth where people could understand more about the world I live in. Besides that, Noah’s Arc

What is something you want to change about yourself in the next 6 months?

I want to travel more. 


Fill in the Blank: When I think of comfort, I think of _________.

Playstation 4.

Do you feel that people are as authentic online as they are in person? 

Heck no. I learned that the hard way. It’s a place where people show a lot more than speaking. It’s so easy to put up a photo and say "I’m a model." On social media, people can tell you a million words, but in person, they can’t do the same. 

Fill in the blank: When I find someone I’m interested in, I _________.

Nervously laugh.

What are you most confident about?

My voguing.

What does vogue mean to you?

It’s like no other. I’ll always say in order to experience ballroom culture, you have to put yourself in it. It brought me family, friends, sisters, brothers, and even enemies. But it’s a lifestyle full of so many things. It’s helped me be creative and boost my self-esteem

What’s something that makes you angry?


How would you like to be remembered?

As the best damn voguer there ever was, and as a kind and sincere spirit. 

What value/quality has being queer given you? What have you gained?

A place in this world, a place to be myself, show people what I love, and express what I do. 

Keep up with Dashaun over on Instagram, Twitter, and his YouTube channel, and be sure to catch him on POSE on FX!

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