A Man on Grindr Saved Another Man from Committing Suicide

A Man on Grindr Saved another Man
Zachary Zane

This is one of the saddest, yet most beautiful stories you’ve ever heard.

On September 10, Facebook user Liam Blank hopped on Grindr while relaxing at home, just like many times he’d done before. This time, however, he didn’t just encounter the usual slew of nudes and "heys."

He found himself talking to a man, recently diagnosed as HIV-positive, who was at the George Washington Bridge ready to jump. Immediately, Liam put on his shoes and jacket and ran over to the bridge.

Read the rest of what happened here in his heartwarming Facebook post.

While we’re devastated to hear the story of the man about to jump, it’s good to know that that in hard times, we can be a community for each other. That a complete stranger on a hookup/dating app will come to man’s rescue during his time of need, literally saving his life.

Liam, we need more people like you in the world.

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