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Five Women Redefining Your Sex Life

Five Women Redefining Your Sex Life

Light, sweet, and crude: we’re not talking about oil, but the five queer women making a living being filthy.

When it comes to gays, men aren’t necessarily the authority on kink. Lesbians, along with bi and queer women, can certainly get down and dirty with the raunchiest dudes. Here is SheWired’s list of five of the most exciting gay gals working in sex.

Nan Kinney co-founded the notorious On Our Backs magazine in the 1980s—the sex-positive feminist publication came in response to the anti-porn feminist magazine Off Our Backs. At that time, most lesbian porn was made by and for men, featuring big-haired ladies with shellacked nails. So it seemed natural for Kinney, with her work in OOB, to venture into making lesbian-appropriate porn—in 1985, Fatale Media was born, with Kinney as president. The San Rafael-based company has since released titles like Suburban Dykes and Bathroom Sluts, with Kinney as executive producer of the titles. Some of the movies contain storylines and interviews, but they don’t shy away from hardcore features that would make a gynecologist blush. Kinney should also take a bow for producing Bend Over Boyfriend, a legendary instructional video that helps women fuck their boy-toys from behind.


While straight guys have milquetoast porn goddesses like Jenna Jameson (ok, maybe a decade ago) and the slightly more sexy Sasha Gray, gay women have queer porn goddess Jiz Lee. This is how they (“they” is the pronoun Lee prefers) describes themself:  “Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star who is known for a unique androgynous look, female ejaculation, vaginal fisting, strap-on performance, and fun sex-positive attitude about sex.” Lee is not only an award-winning porn star known for ethical, feminist shoots, they also runs a cool website with tons of features, including a blog on Lee’s many amorous adventures.


Courtney Trouble reminds us of a 21st-century Bettie Page, albeit one with more control over her career. The self-billed “Queer Porn Icon” is the mind behind No Fauxxx and QueerPorn.TV, and she’s produced, directed, and starred in dozens of porns. NoFauxxx is a collection of indie and alternative hardcore for and by queers. The 10-year-old site, created when Trouble was 19, is filled with hot videos that don’t have the glossy look or stupid music of mainstream porn. No Fauxxx’s movies—some of which Trouble appears in—make you feel like you’re peering through the window of a dirty neighbor’s sexual shenanigans. Meanwhile, the newer QueerPorn.TV features a similar collection of genderqueer videos for direct download or VOD—the easy-to-navigate site is a 2012 AVN nominee for best alternative website. Back to Trouble—not only is she a porn goddess, but a performer, photographer, and queer rights activist. One thing she’s not is modest (nothing wrong with that!), as her website describes her as a “DIY genius.”


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If you’re named Shine Louise Houston, you can’t go into insurance. Houston was always destined for sexy things and as the mind behind Pink and White Productions, or “porn for pussies” as Houston describes it; she’s living the dream. This queer woman of color saw a dearth of appropriate porn for gay women—she worked at San Francisco’s legendary Good Vibrations store—so she created what she always desired. Houston doesn’t take herself too seriously or box herself in to certain roles or categories: “Pink & White is dedicated to producing sexy and exciting images that reflect today’s blurred gender lines and fluid sexualities,” according to the site, which has Houston describing her inner self as a 14-year-old boy. Houston’s first film for Pink and White Productions, 2005’s The Crash Pad, remains her most infamous. Garnering accolades and cult status, the film contains, “real sex, real orgasms, real sweat, real bodily fluids,” and “real laughter.”


Sossity Chiricuzio loves sex just as much as the four previous ladies, but she’s expressing it in a much different way than making films. Chiricuzio hosts “Dirty Queer,” an X-rated open mic at Portland, Ore.’s In Other Words Club. Held every second Friday of the month, at the subversive hours of 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the event is not only about erotic poetry (though it has that), but also jugglers, dancers, and “gender performers.” Chiricuzio had long written hardcore poetry and short stories, so an adult open mic night seemed a perfect progression for the tatted gal. Ciricuzio is currently working on her first book and has already released a CD titled appropriately, “Hand to Mouth.”


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