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What Marriage Equality Means For Bisexuals

What Marriage Equality Means For Bisexuals


Love is finally done waiting. Same-sex marriage is officially legal in all 50 states. While there is still much more work needed before the LGBT community has fully equal rights, this is one hell of a step forward in the right direction.

Same-sex marriage has clearer benefits for gay and lesbian couples, but less so for bisexual couples, especially those in opposite-sex relationships. There are, however, still very clear benefits for bisexuals now that same-sex marriage is legalized.

Here are three benefits:

1. We can marry people of the same sex
Yes, I know, this one is a little obvious, but it’s true! Bisexual men and women can finally marry people of the same sex in all 50 states.

2. Not such a resistant path 
One component of biphobia that runs rampant in the LGT community is the fear that bisexual men and women will leave the LGBT community for a life of heterosexual privilege. While same-sex marriage doesn’t eradicate heterosexual privilege by any means, it can hopefully dispel the fallacious idea that bisexuals will leave the LGBT community for a less resistant “straight” path.

3. We are a community
While sometimes we may feel like outsiders, bisexuals are very much a part of the LGBT community. Marriage equality is something that benefits all members of the LGBT community, and in that way, it affects us too.

But in order for these positive attributes of same-sex marriage to extend to bisexuals, one important change needs to happen. We can’t call it gay marriage, which is often done by major news networks and supporters of the LGBT community alike. Ironically, Robyn Ochs, a renowned bisexual activist who taught courses on bisexuality, bi-erasure and sexual politics at Tufts University, was mislabeled a lesbian when she married her female partner. Not only does this story illustrate the need for Ochs work, but also shows how bisexuals can be left out of marriage. Let’s not let that happen.

So let’s all celebrate and be proud that same-sex marriage is finally legal. It’s not only a win for gay men and women, but a win for bisexuals too.

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