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Long before Olympic diver Tom Daley released his cute and powerful coming-out video on YouTube, which took the world by storm, he had already amassed a widespread queer following on Tumblr — because he's literally the cutest guy ever. We later found out that he was dating the award-winning screenwriter for Milk, Dustin Lance Black. When we heard reports that the two had announced their engagement in the U.K. paper The Times in October 2015, it was almost too much perfection for us to handle. Follow Pride for updates on the hunky two-time gold medalist!

18 Olympic Hopefuls Vying for Tom Daley's Muscle-Twink Throne

Tom Daley’s has the gold medal for muscle-twink Olympians, but these athletes are are coming for his gig.

'Rustin' Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's Assault Case Acquittal Explained

"I am grateful to the judge for exonerating me,” Black said outside the courtroom.

Tom Daley Announces Return To Diving—Bring On The Thirst Traps!

“Paris 2024 is definitely a goal," Daley said.

Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Announce New Addition To Their Family

The couple welcomed another baby last month.

Tom Daley Just Won Another Olympic Medal, Says He's Not Retiring Yet

He is now the first British diver to win four times at the Olympics.

You Might Poke An Eye Out Watching Tom Daley Practice Gymnastics

I am looking respectfully!!!

Tom Daley's Nudes Are Literally a Work of Art

The Olympic diver has a portrait by David Hockney on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Are Having a Baby

The Olympic diver and Oscar winner are welcoming a new addition to their family!

All the Times Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black's Wedding Was Serious GOALS

We're TOTALLY not jealous or anything...

14 Pics That Prove Tom Daley's Sidepiece Should Be Everyone's Sidepiece

Alleged side piece, of course.

15 of 2016's Greatest Selfies of the Year from LGBT People We Love

From Gaga getting out the vote to Tom Daley winning bronze at the Olympics, we look back at the events celebrities chose to memorialize with selfies. 

JK Rowling Defended Tom Daley From Twitter Trolls in the BEST Way Possible

The Harry Potter author isn't down for casual homophobia.

10 Times Olympian Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Were the Cutest

Tom Daley won bronze in Rio, but he and his fiance Dustin Lance Black won our hearts. 

10 Times Olympian Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Were #RelationshipGoals

Tom Daley won bronze in Rio, but he and his fiance Dustin Lance Black won our hearts. 

Tom Daley's Dive Was So Perfect They Gave Him a Medal

The out Olympian just won his first Rio medal.

17 Male Divers Who Make Our Olympic Sweet Dreams Team

All of the Olympians are beyond talented, but these guys have a little extra something we can't wait to watch. 

15 Out Olympic Athletes You Should Follow on Twitter

How are you following the 2016 Olympics?

Jodie Foster's Reaction To Tom Daley's Speedo Is All Of Us

Tom talks tight speedos and "flapping about" on The Graham Norton Show.