Emma Stone Explores Billie Jean King's Lesbian Affair in Battle of the Sexes Trailer

Taylor Henderson

Emma Stone stars as out tennis player Billie Jean King in the new trailer for Battle of the Sexes.

The movie focuses on the real-life 1973 tennis match between King and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), which was one of the most-watched televised sports event of all time. Caught up in a media hailstorm, the tennis stars' private lives were shoved into the limelight, including Riggs' gambling addiction and King's secret mistress.

Billie Jean King dramatically opened up about the affair in a 1981 press conference after her lover, Marilyn Barnett, filed a suit against the tennis star and her husband, Larry King, when the 7-year affair ended. In the suit, Barnett said that after the two became intimate, she quit her Beverly Hills salon job to work as King's confidante and secretary and that King promised her a "home and financial help for the rest of her life." At the time, Billie Jean King was the first woman athlete ever to win more than $100,000 a year. Barnett later became paraplegic after breaking her back in a suicide attempt. 

My body (and popcorn) is ready. Alan Cumming, Sarah Silverman, and Austin Stowell are set to star alongside Carell and Stone and the movie is due in theaters on September 22.

Watch the trailer for Battle of the Sexes in the video below.


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