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Alamo Drafthouse to Host 'Sluts Only' Screening of New Film

slut in a good way
Rachel Kiley

Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a “sluts only” screening of the upcoming film Slut in a Good Way.

Slut in a Good Way tells the story of Charlotte, a girl whose newfound sexual empowerment forces her to confront the harsh judgment of the ever-popular double standard,” according to the theater’s website.

The “sluts only” screening seems to be a mirror of the themes of the film, cited as being intended to empower and celebrate sluts.

The movie theater chain has become known for its themed screenings, making waves during the Wonder Woman release for hosting a “women only” screening of the superhero flick, and ultimately following it up with a “clowns only” screening of It, which sounded absolutely terrifying.

Seemingly in response to the male complaints about the Wonder Woman screening, the website points out that “on the advice of counsel,” they’re saying that anyone can actually attend the screening for sluts.

But the site also gets a little more serious about it:

“Regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or age, this screening is for anyone that has ever been marginalized by the word slut. It’s for anyone who believes that open and honest conversations about sex are the best way to defeat double standards. And it’s for anyone that is ready to change the word slut from an insult into a really badass rallying cry.”

At first glance from the trailer, the film seems to offer some (minimal) queer rep, but certainly addresses a concept relatable to anyone who doesn’t conform to a heteronormative world, especially people who took some time exploring to figure themselves out.

The special screening of Slut in a Good Way is only happening at select locations, and you can find a list here.

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