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Could There Be an LGBTQ Superhero in Avengers: Endgame?

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Rachel Kiley

Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo has started doing the rounds promoting the new film, which means we’re slowly starting to draw out more information about not just the latest Avengers, but the future of the MCU in general.

In fact, Russo was recently asked in an interview if he believes it’s time for an LGBT superhero.

His response? “100%. I think you’re going to see one very soon.”

This isn’t the first we’ve gotten hints about a new LGBTQ superhero joining the other heroes. Marvel boss Kevin Feige has said that the possibility is “percolating,” production chief Victoria Alonso has said “the world is ready,” and there have been rumors that the upcoming film The Eternals is searching for an openly gay man to play a gay superhero role.

But Russo’s response begs the question: Does he know representation is coming in the MCU, or is he telling us there’s going to be representation in his own Avengers: Endgame?

While getting an openly queer superhero not only so soon, but in a crossover movie so highly anticipated by Marvel fans everywhere seems too good to be true, it is possible.

The most likely candidate (if we’re talking existing heroes) is Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. We know she’s going to be in Endgame and her character is bisexual in the comics, something Thompson has said was also represented in Thor: Ragnarok, but ultimately cut from the final film.

Oh, and there’s that whole bit where Tessa and Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson (also set to be in Endgame, and also totally into the ladies) won’t stop murdering gay Twitter/Insta by constantly sharing fan art of their two characters in love.

Whenever our first LGBTQ superhero shows up in the MCU, we are totally ready for him/her. And hopefully they will only be the first of many. After all, what queer superhero wouldn't have tons of queer superhero friends?? It's just science.

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