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10 Struggles Queer People in the East Know All Too Well 

10 Struggles Queer People in the East Know All Too Well

10 Struggles Queer People in the East Know All Too Well

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Queer people in the East do exist. It may be hard to believe, epsecially considering the low visibility of LGBT minorities in mainstream Western culture, but as it turns out, a huge percentage of your population can be LGBT if you have a huge population to begin with (looking at you, Asia).

No matter which Eastern land you come from, these unfortunate struggles and truths are something many of us have to deal with...

1. It can sometimes be illegal to be queer 

When India re-issued Section 377 of their penal code, LGBT Indians were stripped of their basic human rights. Queerness is also criminalized in many other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It may be hard for some Westerners to believe, but yes, in some places, it’s illegal to be anything but straight. 

Dammmn straight people, back at it again with the dehumanizing heteronormativity!

2. “What is a LGBT??” is something you often get asked

I once had a relative think the term was an abbreviation for a snack. Another relative thought that if you were gay, that also meant you were trans and also a cross-dresser. Basically, for some people, the term “gay” just covers everything, and nothing is mutually exclusive.

I either need new relatives, or these countries need a more informative, liberal education system.

3. There's a thought that if you’re gay, you must beeffeminate  

Nope, there’s no other option. You’re either flamboyant and considered legit, or you’re just yourself and everyone thinks you’re going through a phase.Boo Mom

4. Arranged marriages can be used as a threat  

Don't you hate it when you fantasize about kissing that one cute girl that one time, but then your parents promise your hand in marriage to the first man that knocks on the door?

That's what it's like. The moment anyone gets even the slightest hint that you may be anything other than straight, that's it. You can say hello to a forced, arranged marriage.  


5. Lesbians erasure is TOO REAL

“Sweetheart, you’re not a lesbian! You’re just experimenting, and that’s okay. Society won’t care. We only care if men are doing these wrong things.”

So the one place you decide to let my sex rest in peace is only when it’s pleasing to your eyes? Wow.

6. There are those out there who actually think they can cure your queerness with Yoga

Gurus (with millions of followers, btw) who believe they can Yoga the gayness out of you actually exist. Because making someone more bendy and fit will somehow magically deter someone from liking the same sex...Baba

7. Life is like one long, continuous game of Jeopardy

When you have to hide your love for the neighbor’s hot daughter because everyone is out to get the gay demon, life becomes this fun game of running away from one pitchfork and then another.

8. Some think you can't be born queer, because it’s transmitted

You know how you catch the common cold? Measles? HIV?
Yeah, catching “the queer” is quite similar. But it's totally okay, just do some yoga and you'll be all cured! *rolls eyes*Gay Pride

9. Western media is blamed for Eastern queerness  

It’s all the fault of those damn Americans!! How dare they teach others how to be queer with their empowering rainbow parades, progressive legal movements, and same-sex couples that give Aphrodite a run for her Euros!!

10. There’s no such thing as “coming out”

What do you mean by “coming out?” The concept of accepting yourself and your sexual/gender identity is out of question. Eastern parents don't just accept you. What even is that?!

You're either straight, or quiet about anything else for the rest of your life. 

"Son, the only thing coming out will be my foot from your ass just so I can shove the other one up there," every Eastern parent.

Honey BooBooHoney BooBoo

Oh Honey, if only everyone knew that...

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I like to call my aesthetic "President of the Procrastinator's Association who was going to bake passive aggressive cookies."