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Love Is Definitely in the Air in Faking It's Mid-Season Trailer

Things are getting hot at Hester High!

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Tonight's Faking It features a lot of entertainment inception.

5 Lies from the Faking It 2B Premiere

Amy is living secret free, at least for this episode!

Faking It's Rita Volk on Teams Karmy and Reamy and Just Where Amy Falls on the Queer Spectrum

The actress who plays the questioning teen on MTV's hit comedy shares her thoughts about Amy's journey of self-discovery.

10 Times Faking It was the Most Real Show on TV

The MTV show that began with the preposterous premise of BFFs pretending to be girlfriends to be popular has become a truly heartstring tugging half hour of realness every episode.

Exclusive: Faking It's Rita Volk on Female Friendships, Bullying and Bisexuality

The actress weighs in on what's in store for Amy.

WATCH: Faking it stars Rita Volk and Michael J Willett Talk Bisexual Representation and More...

The actors sat down to chat with GLAAD about season 2 of Faking It.

Op-ed: Uh-Uh, Not So Fast, 'Faking It'

This show aims high for a post-gay message but falls short of really delivering it.