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don t say gay

Ron DeSantis is such a huge LOSER that 21 of his anti-LGBTQ bills fail while we're CACKLING

Turns out being a huge homophobe isn't the pathway to success Republicans think it is.

Don't celebrate Nikki Haley's D.C. win — 6 awful things she said about LGBTQ+ people

Just because she's running against Trump doesn't mean she's not terrible too!

Disney Omits 'Gay' Lyric From Song During a Florida Theme Park Performance

Is Disney World joining the ”don’t say gay” movement in Florida?

Ron DeSantis Is Tanking His Own Campaign And It's Glorious To Watch

Not even Donald Trump's criminal indictments can save the 'Don't Say Gay' candidate.

Ron DeSantis' Latest Eye-Rolling Move: An Investigation Into Bud Light

The conservative outrage over a single trans person drinking beer continues.

Hayley Williams Unleashes On Ron DeSantis Over Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

“If you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f***ing dead to me."

Disney Appears To Troll DeSantis With 'Disney Pride Nite' Announcement

The tweet came shortly after the politician's press conference blasting Disney.

Bowen Yang’s Jafar Read Ron DeSantis To Absolute Filth & We’re Dying

The SNL star came for the Florida Governor over his continued attacks on Disney.

Why The Recent Firing Of A Marvel Exec May Be Good For The Gays

Weird thing to brag about, but okay.