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Disney Appears To Troll DeSantis With 'Disney Pride Nite' Announcement

Disney Appears To Troll DeSantis With 'Disney Pride Nite' Announcement


The tweet came shortly after the politician's press conference blasting Disney.


Ron DeSantis is continuing waging his war against Disney, but the company fired back in a casual cute way on social media this week.

Florida’s governor has been doing whatever he can to reclaim oversight of the special district in which Disney World resides, which has historically allowed the company to be responsible for its own roads, fire services, and other infrastructure. The legislation overhauling this Reedy Creek District has been seen as a direct punitive response to Disney’s belated pushback against DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, as he peddles his rightwing extremism to conservative voters.

Disney has cleverly managed to block certain aspects of the legislation, leaving DeSantis furious and scrambling to regain control of the narrative in recent weeks.

On Monday, that took the form of him blasting the theme park during a press conference, and suggesting he might co-op some of the unused land in the district to build a state prison next to Disney World — which would be yet another brazenly retaliatory action just because the company didn’t fall into line with Republican political goals.

Although Disney did not respond to the threat directly, they did take take to Twitter shortly after the press conference to reiterate a prior announcement about the first ever Disney Pride Nite coming to the California theme park this summer.

Considering this entire feud kicked off over LGBTQ+ rights, with DeSantis and conservatives angry over the idea that Disney might finally start publicly siding with progress rather than staying silent, many people immediately took the tweet as a pointed reaction to the governor’s threat.

Some are trying to claim it doesn’t count since this is taking place at the California theme park rather than Florida, but the message that Disney is stepping up its visible commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity as a whole company is clear. And the attempts from DeSantis and other conservatives to bully them back into silence is not working.

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