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THE Track for your Reception and Wedding!

THE Track for your Reception and Wedding!

With the Supreme Court poised to rule in favor of marriage equality this summer, I sought out and posted about THE spot for a gay wedding, so how about the track to accompany that perfect wedding?

I can’t imagine two men slow dancing to this without soliciting a few giggles, but for two ladies in love, perhaps the most perfect wedding song is Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm.” 

John Legend’s “All of Me” seems ideal for the sentimental boys, but is admittedly cliché and I’d imagine every straight girlfriend of yours chose it for their wedding last year – still it’s simply beautiful and I don’t think anybody can argue that.  Personally I’d steer clear of the mushy stuff and focus on fun songs for the reception.  It’s a gay wedding, we write our own rules.

A fun track for post-wedding dancing is Ricky Martin’s new Disco flavored jam “Mr. Put it Down.”  Sure the lyrics aren’t that deep and Pitbull starts it off with a rap about hickeys but hey, it is sung by Ricky Martin.  Isn’t that gay enough? “Mr. Put It Down” is the recently released lead single from Ricky’s upcoming English language album and my recommended download of the week!

Get it from iTunes HERE

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