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Lost Girl Recap 4.8 - Groundhog Fae 

Lost Girl Recap 4.8 - Groundhog Fae

Lost Girl Recap 4.8 - Groundhog Fae

I hope so because Groundhog Fae delivered all the fun and adventure we've come to expect from this show, by which I mean it was silly, sexy and adorable in equal parts.

Hi everyone, Are you all ready for yet another crazy episode of Lost Girl?  I hope so because Groundhog Fae delivered all the fun and adventure we've come to expect from this show, by which I mean it was silly, sexy and adorable in equal parts.

The episode opens with a scene that you might have caught as a promo before the season started.  In case you didn't see it then (or now), here are a few pictures to catch you up.  It's really just your regular post-battle car wash, where Bo works out her feelings and Lauren and Dyson work up some feelings watching. 

Hale literally snaps the voyeurs out of their trance and we learn that the team have been hunting since Bo's dramatic mission statement with no success.  Bo enters the run down fae gas station and leaves cash for fuel before eating a piece of candy from a bowl on the counter.  Dyson and Hale are getting excited for the evening's yule festivities, reliving childhood moments of hiding from Crampus, who is a prankster-fae Santa Claus-esque figure.  Unlike traditional Christmas, Crampus is all about summer visits and keeping things hot.  Lauren and Dyson amicably agree on Bo's general naughtiness and engage in a cute spot of rivalry as they both try to climb in the back of the convertible with Bo who declares it time to lose the wet clothes.  Dyson admits defeat with some grace and as the team drive off we see the mechanics loading what appears to be a body into the engine of a car.  Now I know less about mechanical workings than your grandmother's pet ferret but I'm pretty sure I've never had to check the body level in my car.  Is this some sort of new fae biofuel?

After the opening credits we join a reindeer sweater-clad Trick trying to instruct Kenzi in the importance of the yule holiday as they prepare the apartment for a party.  Dyson and Lauren enter lamenting their failed mission while a be-horned Hale enters in the party spirit.  Kenzi instructs that there will be heavy partying for Bo's sake to demonstrate that she is still loved.  Unfortunately Bo awakes in the back seat of her car feeling deserted and enters the party to avoid a making out couple and the advances of a sweet sweat fae who is eventually warded off by everyone's favorite muscle man, Bruce. 

In Bo's room Lauren presents a box to Dyson that was delivered to the dark fae archives sent by the succubus herself in times forgotten.  Lauren admits to having opened it and they begin to debate whether or not to give it to Bo when the subject of conversation enters the room.  They pair up to block her view of the box and Vex enters drunkenly complaining of his one-handed status.  In one of Bo's corsets, prompting her to go in search of Kenzi.  Lauren wisely declares that more alcohol is required and everyone agrees. 

Up in Kenzi's room her and Hale are getting steamy with possibly the worst dirty talk ever.  Call me old-fashioned by I prefer my pillow talk sans gas.  Kenzi agrees.

Bo finds Kenzi's door locked and returns to the party complaining that she is being ignored to a random crazy old guy.  He tells her that yule is a great time to confront her fears but Bo scoffs that she has none.  Her confusion at why she is even confiding in this strange fellow clears when Tamsin enters, tells Bo she is sorry and kisses her.  Bo asks what brought that on and Tamsin states that it doesn't matter as she won't remember in a few seconds.  Immediately the lights dim, a beach ball knocks some glasses over, prompting a couple of bros to raise their cups and Bo reawakens in the back of the car with a befuddled basic cable profanity.

Bo re-enters the apartment, pushes past the same couple making out and is again hit on by Choga the sweat merchant.  He has no memory of their previous meeting and neither does Bruce who again comes to her rescue.

A mysterious face appears in the wallpaper, unnoticed by any party guests.

Tamsin is overjoyed to find that Bo remembers their encounter and walks the succubus through the events that are about to occur: making-out-in-the-hall guy calling his girl by the wrong name, an epic beer-bong lady sasquatch burp and tells Bo to duck, which she does not and instead gets hit by the beach ball.  Bo suggests Tamsin tell someone and she demonstrates that doing so results in laughter and being called a “yule fool.”  They're really winning with the insults here.  It seems every interaction she's had has ended this way until kissing Bo.  The pair shrug and try again.  This has no effect aside from leaving Tamsin breathless and she suggests Bo try with someone she has a real connection with.  This gives Bo another opportunity to complain about Lauren and Dyson's weirdness and Kenzi's Hale-centric adventures.  The lights flicker, bros raise their glasses and Bo again awakes in the car.

This time around Bo separates the couple and then notices Bruce is no longer in his place at the beer bong.  After punching Choga, she realizes that this is an opportunity for a time out from the drama in her life and embraces the fun they might have.  Tamsin has already tried this approach but is eager to relive it with Bo and we get a cute montage of Tamsin betting on Bo in an arm-wrestle against the lady sasquatch (which Bo wins), Bo betting on Tamsin's drinking (which she wins) and a very public hookup with Bo's justification that the party-goers won't remember and “tell me this wasn't on your list.”

Up in Bo's room Lauren, Dyson and Vex are starting a drinking game to decide whether or not to give Bo her dark box of mystery.  Or at least Lauren and Dyson are while Vex admires his figure in Bo's corset.  In the pro column – Bo's love of the truth (drink).  As for cons – they may lose her to the train of plush beds and white dresses forever (drink). 

Lauren advises caution, with a dig at how well she actually knows Bo compared to Dyson's mostly carnal familiarity and Dyson casually mentions that time he sacrificed his love to save Bo's life (to which Lauren hilariously responds “boring!”) while arguing that Bo can handle herself.  Vex offers to hear the arguments from both sides and the one thing they agree on is that listening to the mesmer is a questionable choice, they go along with it anyway since he's sort of “Bo's pet” now.

In the next reset Bo awakes for a deep and meaningful with Tamsin, who explains that she had to find herself and her own kind.  Mostly she discovered that she has much to amend for and Bo suggests she's hardly alone in that.  The nice moment is interrupted by the wall eating one of the red solo cup bros.

Another iteration of the night starts with Bo checking who remains as Tamsin stresses that this is somehow her fault.  Bo realizes that Bruce has gone missing and they both come to the conclusion that a diminutive, reindeer-sweater-wearing Blood King is required to shed light on the situation.  Unfortunately said Blood King is passed out drunk in the tub.  They rouse him and he offers nothing useful before time runs out and the cycle all starts over.  On the next go around Bo finally airs her grievances over Trick's lack of usefulness in finding The Wanderer and he admits to being afraid before we go around again.

On Vex's bed of judgment Dyson argues that he saved Bo's life so should be the one to choose the box's fate.  Lauren finishes her super-strength dark beer and magnificently slurs her way through her tale of helping Bo come to terms with who she is.  The speech is so great that I just want this show to be drunk Lauren monologuing.  The pair agree finally that they don't know what to do with the box, hug it out and Lauren decides that this is the perfect time for her to reattach Vex's hand.  I'm not even going to start with the medicine here because she's drunk and he's fae so I'm sure it'll all work out fine.  Even though the hand was cut off two episodes ago.  I do kind of hope we get to see the surgery, especially once Dyson offers to be nurse.

In the plotline I'd forgotten existed we find out that Hale has also been reliving the night and attempting to perfect his dirty talk with a series of different responses to “my Kenzi sense is tingling.”  While there is no further mention of gas, it is not going swimmingly.  His biggest win occurs when reading directly from a poetry book and instead of a slap he earns a look at Kenzi's impressive strip of fae-proof condoms.  Girl knows how to prepare.  Hale suddenly stalls in guilt over his many attempts to get this right.  When Bo and Tamsin enter, having remembered that Hale is the other expert on all things Yule he is sitting alone on the bed.  He tells them the time loop is a trick Crampus plays on a few people every year but that it should be harmless.

Meanwhile Kenzi is getting into a disagreement with a small bearded chap (presumably Crampus?) who objects to the desecration the party has brought on this supposedly sacred holiday.  He then tells Bo that she will regret crossing him, grabs Tamsin and melts back into the wall.  If nothing else, this guy knows how to make a dramatic exit.  Hale looks like he's just seen Santa murder a puppy and they decide the answer to tracking him down is returning to where he first became aware of them.  In this case, the gas station of sexy car washes.

Hale attempts to explain his repetition of Kenzi time as the human in question walks up behind him and leaves in a sad, hurt huff.  Bo and Hale prepare for the inevitable reboot of the night but this time it does not happen.  It turns out if Crampus finds someone with enough regret for him to feed off time will continue as normal.  Bo heads to the gas station, taking a dagger Hale offers as protection against Crampus.  Hale returns to Kenzi and the pair make up as adorably as they do everything else.

Back in the room of drunken love interests, the worst idea ever to occur in Bo's bedroom (quite an achievement) is progressing as Lauren fetches Vex's hand on ice.  Vex makes Dyson and Lauren admit that they don't hate each other anymore as they share both the same predicament and level of drunkenness.  On that note the team toast their totally sound surgery plan and with any luck pass out before too much damage can be done.

Bo enters the gas station and follows a trail of candy to the trunk of a car which seems to lead to a whole other land.  Within she finds a conveyor belt that takes naughty fae and turns them into candy.  Next on the line is Tamsin who is super excited about atoning for her sins in this sweetest of ways.  Bruce laments having broken the machine and being sent to the back of the candy line.  Bo uses Hale's knife to stop the machine and breaks Tamsin free.

Crampus blocks their escape and Bo commits the ultimate sacrilege by declaring yule just “bad Christmas.”  The little candy producer tells Bo she can have Tamsin if she can convince her to leave and again exits dramatically with his most villainous laugh.  The valkyrie explains that she is better off being candy as she can no longer hurt anyone.  She obviously hasn't choked on as much hard candy as I have.  Tamsin admits that even Bo won't like her once she learns the truth and confesses that in a former life she was the one to lead The Wanderer to Bo.  She was commissioned by the purest evil she'd ever seen to hunt a girl she was convinced could not exist: “eyes both brown and blue, virtuous yet lustful, neither dark nor light yet both.”  Bo offers her forgiveness surprisingly readily and Crampus returns to inform them that it was eating the gas station counter candy that invoked his wrath.  The crazy old man that Bo confided in at the party appears, now with impressive horns and declares that this little fellow is not Crampus but that he himself is. 

The new improved Crampus dances joyfully on the conveyor and generally acts like a far jollier yule elder.  He zaps Tamsin, original Crampus (whose name is in fact Jeffrey) and Bruce back to the real world but retains Bo explaining that she is the perfect candy candidate.  The conveyor starts back up and he teleports Bo onto it while singing a happy song about making her into deliciousness.  He asks how she can be of any use if she doesn't confront her own fears and she breaks down, admitting her fears about leaving her friends, being a monster and what The Wanderer might turn her into.  This seems to appease Papa Crampus and he zaps her back to the gas station where she confesses that she is terrified to Tamsin who delightfully replies “You don't have to be.  I've got you.”

Bo again awakes at home in the back of her car but Tamsin assures her that time is as it should be.  How far away is this place if Bo can't even stay awake for the drive?  Or does she have some sort of automobile-induced narcolepsy that will be explained in a future episode?  I can hardly wait for that one!  Bo asks Tamsin if The Wanderer could be her father and receives the inspiring reply that he is so hellbent on finding a mate that he might even make one himself.  That's great, I'd really been thinking what this show needed was some incest. 

Kenzi appears to check on the pair, berating Tamsin for leaving so suddenly and admits that her and Hale made up in all the ways.  She also reveals one last gem of yule info – that the dark are not permitted to enter a venue where the light are celebrating yule after midnight.  Tamsin heads off to wherever and Bo rejects Kenzi's offer to stay and keep her company as she needs a little solo-succubus time anyway.  As Kenzi leaves she points out the box of mystery that she found next to a passed out Dyson and brought down as it had Bo's name on it.  Bo opens the box and finds a jar of swirly black mist, similar to that which whisked her away to trainland all those months ago. 



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