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VOTE: Who's Your Favorite Couple of the Big Lesbian Summer of Love TV Season 2014?

VOTE: Who's Your Favorite Couple of the Big Lesbian Summer of Love TV Season 2014?

VOTE: Who's Your Favorite Couple of the Big Lesbian Summer of Love TV Season 2014?

Summertime means some of TV's cutest queer couples come out to play. Vote here for your favorite!


Another Sapphic Summer of Love is upon us! Thanks to our TV screens and Netflix accounts, we've had no shortage of lady lovers to obsess over, and even when they're tearing our hearts out, we've still adored every second of their screen time. Now, the June - August summertime season is winding down,  and the time has come to VOTE for your favorite couple of the summer. With so many swoon-worthy ladies steaming up our screens, it's bound to be a close race. So whether you're team Sexy Science with the 'Clone Club' crew, weeping over Piper and Alex at Litchfield, or consider yourself part of the Fosters Family, now is the time check out all the nominated couples and vote on the last page! They're all amazing, but only one can win...

Vote for your favorite(s) on the last page. You can vote for multiple couples once per day until August 7th at midnight. 

Thanks to Karen Kerr, Trudy Ring, Lynn De La Cruz, and Tracy E. Gilchrist for their contributions. 

Stef and Lena (Teri Polo & Sherri Saum) - The Fosters 

Yes, they have their occasional tense moments, but these wives and moms of 5 + a future newborn always find a way to end the day in love, support, and occasionally ABC Family boundary-pushing romance. We've loved them since episode one, and we still can't get enough every Monday when they grace our screens. So what is it about the couple we love most? When Lena touched Stef's bullet-wound scar and told her she accepts every part of her? Was it the beautiful wedding where the family danced to "Same Love" while we wept into our popcorn? Was it the 'Babymoon' that started out on rocky terms and ended in underwear? We can't be sure, but that's only because every moment wins us over weekly. 


Cosima and Delphine (Tatiana Maslany & Evelyn Brochue) - Orphan Black 

Team Sexy Science has had its fair share of crazy ups and downs over the last year. But if the girls could over come the reveal that Delphine is Cosima's monitor, they can get through anything. This season put Cophine fans through the wringer - the girls broke up dramatically when Cosima found out Delphine had been using Kira's stem cells to cure her, but their makeup scene was totally worth the previous trauma. When we left off, Delphine had been ripped away from her dread-locked lover and sent to Frankfurt, but with Rachel a little out of the picture (more or less), it looks like there is definitely a season 3 reunion in our future. After what these girls have overcome, expect to possibly see the couple stick it out to the end. And we would so be okay with that.

Piper and Alex (Taylor Schilling & Laura Prepon) -Orange Is the New Black

Season 2 proved a lot less Alex/Piper-y then we would have wished, but when they had their moments we had to pause to catch our breath.  Come on, even Laura Prepon has admitted the chemistry is undeniable. Sure, Piper may not be on Alex's good side after (spoilers!) summoning her back to jail at the end of season 2, but these ladies have managed to hook-up after some pretty nasty personal blows, so we are expecting nothing less than a furious, perfect, sexy season 3 reunion. Nothing less.

Emily and Alison (Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse) - Pretty Little Liars

Emily Fields has been the lady killer of Rosewood ever since her first love, occasional mean girl Alison, went missing and was later presumed dead. But Alison, who was hiding from an unknown assailant for four seasons, practically rose from the dead to return this season to the tiny Pennsylvania town where she terrorized classmates in the halls of Rosewood High. While Em’s had at least three girlfriends since Alison’s disappearance, the pair finally consummate their love during the series 100th episode after Alison, as crafty as ever (or is she sincere?), plants a bug in Emily’s ear that those playful kisses they shared years earlier weren’t “just for practice.” Later, a sleepless Emily, sharing her bed with Alison, rolls over and takes charge, and Alison happily gets on board. The pair hold hands later during a stressful news announcement that causes Liar Hanna (Ashley Benson) to incredulously ask the question that’s on all of our minds, “Are they together now?” 


Caroline and Kate (Sarah Lancashire and Nina Sosanya) – Last Tango in Halifax

The story of Caroline and Kate is a key and compelling subplot this BBC/PBS series about long-separated lovers Alan and Celia, who reunite in their 70s but deal with much family drama as they forge their new relationship. Caroline, Celia’s daughter, is in the process of splitting with loose-cannon husband John and has fallen in love with Kate, a teacher at the school where Caroline is headmistress. They weren’t quite ready to let Celia and Alan know about their love affair when John spilled the beans in the first season. Celia’s initial reaction was homophobic, but she’s come around, while Alan was unequivocally accepting from the get-go. Caroline’s two teenage sons are cool about their mum’s new love too, but now other complications are developing: Kate wants to have a baby, with an old boyfriend as the father, and Caroline is against the idea and thinks she can talk Kate out of it. Who will win this fight is one of the questions to be answered in the remainder of Last Tango’s second season on PBS. The show is beautifully written and acted, with some humor amid the ongoing drama, and Lancashire and Sosanya make an appealing pair with plenty of chemistry. 

Nichols and Morello (Natasha Lyonne & Yael Stone) -  Orange Is the New Black

They may have discontinued their sexual relationship in season 2, but Nicky Nichols and Lorna Morello are still pretty much the cutest couple in Litchfield. In season 1, we got plenty of physical action, but this go-round the girls got a lot closer emotionally, and Nichols proved to champion for Morello even after we all learned the truth about Christopher (spoilers: Morello is a pretty crazy stalker chick). We got to speak with Natasha and Yael last month, and they seem to wish the two will have a happy ending just as much as we do. 

Holly and Gail (Aliyah O'Brien & Charlotte Sullivan) - Rookie Blue 

Rookie Blue's lesbian pathologist Holly melted both our hearts and officer Gail's  frosty exterior last season when they became friends, wedding dates and eventually hot interrogation room make out buddies. This year was looking great for our new favorite couple with drunken hairdressing, more making out and general adorableness until one of Holly's friends implied she was casually slumming it with her blue collar belle.  Self-esteem challenged Gail ran for the hills and by the time she apologized for throwing away “the most wonderful person she's ever met” (aww!) Holly was taken.  We continue to hope, pray and offer sacrifices for these girls to find their way back to each other.   If not there's always crossover fantasyland where Holly could rebound to fellow Canadian-based doctors Lost Girl's Lauren or Orphan Black's Cosima.  Or maybe we'll just sign up for medical school north of the border.

Karma and Amy (Katie Stevens & Rita Volk) - Faking It 

MTV's pseudo lesbian-themed Faking It centers on Karma and Amy, BFFs who pretend to be girlfriends to gain popularity at their liberal high school.  The plan goes swimmingly as the girls become prom queens and the heroes of the school.  Unfortunately Amy also realizes that her feelings are anything but fake and suffers in silence through clueless Karma's joy at sharing not just social status but an attempted threesome with her secret boyfriend Liam (Gregg Sulkin).  At the end of the first season Karma finally caught on to Amy's adoration and our hearts broke with Amy's as she was refused.  To make matters worse Amy responded by drinking a lifetime's worth of champagne and falling into bed with Liam.  While we're doubtful of any romantic future for Karma and Amy we'll keep rooting for a happy resolution when the show returns next season!

Poussey and Her German GF (Samira Wiley & Nina Rausch) - Orange Is the New Black

Poussey had a pretty rough time in Season 2 of OITNB. Vee exiled her from the group, turned her BFF/crush Taystee against her, and had Crazy Eyes beat her up in a bathroom. Oh, and that backstory. Poussey's pre-Litchfield flashback was truly heartbreaking, but it also provided some one of OITNB cutest-ever scenes between her and her former girlfriend. In a scene that quickly disproved the logistics of scissoring, we got some realistic intimacy, cuddles, and deep, introspective quotes on romance that would have won us over in a second. Of course, it didn't end so well (Poussey's GF's military dad walked in on the couple and had Poussey's entire family relocated) but for just a moment we got a glimpse of something beautiful. 

Brenna and Greer (Haley Ramm & Gracie Dzienny) – Chasing Life

Although things are not official yet, it’s clear that there is a romance brewing between Brenna and her lesbian friend, Greer. Brenna may have a thing going for her tattoo artist boss, but I think we’d rather root for Greer, who has been showing great compassion towards Brenna after learning about her sister’s leukemia diagnosis. We love this pair because we felt twinges of a sexual tension when they first met. And huge lightbulbs started to flash when the two played a game of tennis and Greer finally got Brenna to relax and have fun. We’re hoping that Greer’s bubbly personality does more than just make Brenna smile.

Emily and Paige (Shay Mitchell and Lindsey Shaw) - Pretty Little Liars 

The photo above really says it all about Emily and Paige (Paily) this season, but we’ve loved them as a couple since they kissed to P!nk’s “Glitter in the Air” outside a dive karaoke bar season one, and we’re pretty sure it’s not the end of the line for them. Emily dumped Paige last season when Paige exposed the fact that Alison was alive, putting the missing girl at risk. But Paige was only trying to protect Emily from further danger. When it came to her mean girl first crush and the girlfriend who’d helped her fend off the omniscient blackmailer A for years, Emily chose Alison.  During the 100th episode this summer it looked as though Emily and Paige were headed for a reconciliation when Alison confessed to Emily that she was really into her and then they had Little Liar sex. While Emily is currently sidelined with Alison, who may or may not be playing games, we think there’s still hope for this pair of lobsters.  


Logan & Judy (Ashley Tisdale & Jessica Lowndes) - Young and Hungry 

ABC Family does love themselves a lesbian couple. Okay, so very few of you have probably even heard of their new show Young & Hungry, starring Emily Osment as a food blogger turned personal chef, but in its third episode, quite bluntly titled, "Young & Lesbian," Ashley Tisdale guest-starred as Logan, a lesbian sent on an accidental date with Emily Osmnet's straight character. However, everything turned out just fine when Ashley instead re-united with her super-hot chef girlfriend Judy, played by Jessica Lowndes and clocking in her second round of playing gay after a 90210 affair with Rumor Willis. We're still not sure how we feel about Young & Hungry, but we would definitely watch an Ashley/Jessica spin-off, so if you never need any ideas, ABC Family, we got you covered.

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