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13 Androgynous Styles Ellen Page Looked Ridiculously Good In

13 Androgynous Styles Ellen Page Looked Ridiculously Good In

13 Androgynous Styles Ellen Page Looked Ridiculously Good In

Ellen Page's newfound androgynous style is giving everyone one more reason to fall in love with her.


Ellen Page fans have been been crushing on her for at least a decade, but ever since she came out, everything that has made her loveable has come rushing into focus. Her humor, talent, and knowledge have long since been her greatest attractions, but recently her androgynous style has become another. See for yourself how ridiculously good she's been looking.

1. Looking androgynously good in Vogue.

Talking about fashion and coming out. Plus, she got to skate around in a bettlejuice suit!


2. Looking amazingly hot in menswear.

At the Oscar's!


3. Looking fresh in baggy ripped jeans, stripes, and her favorite hat.

& conincidentally, she's our favorite tomboy.


4. Looking stunning in a green beanie and wooden sunnies.

Because sometimes the beach is cold and sunny.


5. Looking delish in a gray beanie and bandana necklace.

And hello brown grandpa sweater! Looking good.


6. Looking so good in a banana shirt and black hat.

Plus, she's holding a super cute puppy dog.


7. Stunting in a white spotted tee and leather accented jogger pants.

With her trusty Tom Boy hat.


8. Looking hot while donning a Cuban hat on a boat.

And long denim shorts.


9. Looking like a babe in a blazer and hat.

While holding a Whole Foods Bag and a guitar!



10. Looking ridiculously good in a denim vest and leather sneaker boots.

Hey, Evan Rachel Wood!


11. Looking adorable in the most common (and classic) lesbian look.

Ripped denim, white tee, and a black hat.


12. Looking cute while rocking a red striped button down and catching everyone's attention.

Sup Kristen Stewart!


13. Looking amazing in a white button up and suit jacket.

So what if you can't see her entire outfit? Her beautiful face and trimmed hair is all we need.


Isn't she just dreamy?


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