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10 Amazing Lesbian Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix

10 Amazing Lesbian Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix
Preston Max Allen

Oh Netflix, how we love you. In fact, we’re not even sure what we love most. It might be the endless hours of exciting, often original programming at our fingertips. Perhaps it’s the collective years of our lives we’ve dedicated to binging strange, new TV shows alone in the dark avoiding human contact. Or maybe it’s that, when browsing for a spontaneous movie night, Netflix for some reason seems to offer more lesbian films than perhaps any other genre. That’s right, for better or for worse (occasionally much worse), Netflix is a queer ladies’ free for all, and we’re loving every moment of it. If you’re feeling skeptical, just remember that Netflix is the site that streams every episode of The L Word and brought us Orange is the New Black, both of which have rendered many sexy lists of their own (here and here)! And so, because we love cinema, we’ve shamelessly ranked the best of Netflix’s most sapphic moments for your upcoming movie night enjoyment. And even better, Netflix switches out movies all the time, so as soon as you've gone through these, we may have a brand new list waiting for you. Happy viewing, and try to remember to leave your house every once in a while!

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1) Kiss Me (2011): It’s Swedish! Everyone’s attractive! It’s about a girl falling in love with her future stepsister! Unfortunately, said girl is presently engaged to her male business partner, and therein lies the conflict (which you will notice is a pretty common conflict in these films). The girls first bond while on a trip together, and after a sexy swimming session hook up for one very long, very intimate, very realistic, sex scene right around the 35 minute mark. Think of Kiss Me as what you can turn to when you want to watch Blue Is the Warmest Color, but not exactly Blue is the Warmest Color because you’ve seen it to many times. Which of course brings us to...


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