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A Manatee Has Died After Having 'High-Intensity' Sex With His Brother

A Manatee Has Died After Having 'High-Intensity' Sex With His Brother


Well, that's certainly one way to go out.


This isn't the news you were expecting today, is it?

A Florida manatee died earlier this year after having too much “high-intensity” sex with his brother, as reported by The New York Post.

The 38-year-old manatee, named Hugh, died after succumbing to traumatic injuries caused by a sexual encounter with his brother, Buffett, who's a much larger male manatee at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Employees reportedly had no problem with the brothers engaging in “high-intensity interactions and occasional penetration” throughout the day.

According to the handlers, Hugh and Buffett had been engaging in consensual and “natural” mating behavior for two months leading up to Hugh’s death. The heightened sexual activity between the brothers had been going on for months.

However, Hugh sadly passed away in April after sustaining a 14.5-centimeter rip in his colon. Buffett had mounted Hugh numerous times throughout the day after Hugh sustained the fatal injury.

“Thank you for your continued support during this heartbreaking time. Our Mote family continues to mourn the loss of Hugh, and we know you do, too," the aquarium said.

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