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America’s Next Top Model All-Stars: Out Model Kayla and Trans Model Isis are Back!

America’s Next Top Model All-Stars: Out Model Kayla and Trans Model Isis are Back!

As guilty pleasure reality competition series goes, America’s Next Top Model remains one of our favorites. From host/creator Tyra Banks wacky yet brilliant advice and outfits week to week, to the celeb guest judges, and most of all, the crazy, gorgeous, green wanna-be models.

This time in Cycle 17, familiar faces will fight for a second chance to claw their way to the top of the runways as part of the ANTM All-Stars. Luckily for lesbian fans, Kayla, an out lesbian, will return to compete. (Remember her “if-Tyra-dyes-my-hair-red-my-girlfriend-will-leave-me!” makeover moment?).

Check out her stunning promo photo. Note the rainbow dress, subtly gay yet stylish!

Then, when you actually talk to her, you realize she's even more perfect than before. Now, not only is she gorgeous, but she's funny and smart and kind, too! Whole package alert.

That fist says she’s there to throw down, ya’ll.

Returning to compete again for the model crown is another LGBT fan favorite, transgender model Isis King. The Frisky is a little concerned Tyra could play favorites as “after her first appearance on the show, Tyra Banks generously paid for Isis to have gender reassignment surgery. In 2009, she appeared on Tyra’s show to talk about the surgery—and received a marriage proposal. “It’s almost like I was supposed to have it,” said Isis. “Although it was swelling and bruising and everything, automatically I felt more comfortable. I was ready to walk around the house in my little shorts. I just felt more confident.”

She’s showing off that new confidence in her promo photo, for sure:

The moment of truth. The ask out itself. You find the perfect witty and charming way to ask, lay it all out on the line, and take the risk.

Also look out for the return of infamously famous Lisa Marie D'Amato from cycle five, who wore—and used—a diaper in front of her fellow contestants.

E! Online reports almost as eclectic as the contestants will be the celebrity guest judges this cycle:

Lending their critical fashion eyes—all of which seem to have wildly varying degrees of expertise—are Nicki Minaj, D-list graduate Kathy Griffin, La Toya Jackson, Ashlee Simpson, Blue Steel aficionado and fellow model reality show vet Tyson Beckford (obviously, one of the more qualified of the bunch), Kristin Cavallari, The Game, CSI franchise creator Anthony Zuiker (so…acting challenges clearly lie ahead) and, scoring another big win for relevance, supermodel Coco Rocha.
Helping judge the crew are, as always, Banks, Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley and photographer Nigel Barker. Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander will also return when the 17th installment kicks off Sept. 14.

Here's the complete list of contestants:

• Shannon Stewart, 27; cycle 1 (last competed at age 18)
• Camille McDonald, 33; cycle 2 (last competed at age 26)
• Brittany Brower, 29; cycle 4 (last competed at age 4)
• Lisa D'Amato, 30; cycle 5 (last competed at age 24)
• Bre Scullark, 26; cycle 5 (last competed at age 19)
• Bianca Golden, 22; cycle 9 (last competed at age 18)
• Dominique Reighard, 27; cycle 10 (last competed at age 23)
• Isis King, 25; cycle 11 (last competed at age 22)
• Sheena Sakai, 24; cycle 11 (last competed at age 21)
• Allison Harvard, 23; cycle 12 (last competed at age 20)
• Laura Kirkpatrick, 22; cycle 13 (last competed at age 19)
• Angelea Preston, 25; cycle 14 (last competed at age 22)
• Kayla Ferrel, 20; cycle 15 (last competed at age 19)
• Alexandria Everett, 22; cycle 16 (last competed at age 21)

This is where you get angry at the world for making you have emotions and feelings and attractions. And how dare that woman be so great, anyhow? The nerve of her.

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