Oscar Nominee Janet McTeer on the Sexuality of her 'Albert Nobbs' Character

Oscar Nominee Janet McTeer on the Sexuality of her 'Albert Nobbs' Character

The Internet is buzzing about the Oscar nominations that were announced this morning, and among those lucky people to land a nod is Janet McTeer for her role as Hubert in Albert Nobbs, which stars Glenn Close.

Both McTeer and Close play 19th century women living as men to escape the hardships of womanhood in the era. McTeer is no stranger to playing intriguing characters. A renowned British stage actress in iconic roles including Nora in A Doll’s House, McTeer landed an Oscar nomination for the 1999 film Tumbleweeds. She went on to star in Songcatcher, the 2000 film about a music professor researching the genesis of the British ballad in Appalachia, and has now landed a nod as Best Supporting Actress as Hubert in Albert Nobbs.

McTeer spoke with AfterEllen about her character, Close’s character and the difference in their sexuality and identification:

“Its not like one person is in the closet and the other person has refashioned the closet. It isn't that," she said. "The thing is that to label Albert as a lesbian is not necessarily true. I think Hubert definitely is and is very happily married, but Albert, I think, is more complicated in a way, because I'm not convinced that Albert is anything. Albert may be truly asexual, I don't know. I guess to say it's not one thing or another is, I suppose, comes from partly from living in a time before labels. I've always said Hubert is gay, transsexual, cross-dressing — he's probably all of those things. He could be any of them. He doesn't have a label. And when I think about Hubert, sometimes I refer to him as he, sometimes as she. Because I think Hubert is genuinely in the middle; somebody who, given the fact that, for all kinds of reasons, somebody who is just really at peace and really happy with themselves, somebody that just wants to have a mate. And I love that just being uncomplicated and lovely."

Read the full article on AfterEllen.

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